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Keeping Things Fresh!


I read an on-line article this morning about the difficulty of maintaining a vibrant, long term marriage. Having been married for 40+ years (not all of them wonderful!) I’ve lived this difficulty. It is hard, especially over time, to keep from taking each other for granted. To keep switching things up so that boredom doesn’t set in and the parties begin to start looking for excitement outside the relationship. The bottom line (according to the article) seems to be that you need to keep the relationship fresh by maintaining an element of surprise – doing different things from time to time.

Coincidentally, Mr. Tattered surprised me with a special date night tonight. I knew we were going out, but I had no idea where. Just the anticipation for the last couple of weeks has been nice.

Well, turns out it was amazing! It doesn’t even matter what we did, it was that he found something he knew I would love, something so outside the norm, that I never would have guessed what it was. It was expensive, and we could never do things like this all the time, but the point is he stepped outside his comfort zone to do something fun for me, AND he ended up having much more fun than he thought he would, AND in the process bought himself a tremendous amount of good will!

Since reading the article this morning, I had already been thinking of things I might be able to do to freshen things up. Now, after this super fun evening, I’m trying to think of little things I can do to make sure he knows how much I appreciate him, and add some variety to out daily lives.

I love how the universe works – how you see or hear one thing, and other things come up to reenforce it.

And I love the kick in the booty that often comes along with it!

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. Janet, how wonderful! Those little surprises are the best. What a sweetheart your hubby is!

  2. Your evening with Bill Clinton sounds awesome!! Then, you got to go home with the man who arranged this wonderful surprise. He must love you very much indeed!

  3. how lovely – being loved and having someone to love really is so wonderful!

  4. Glad you had fun! Thanks for the link to the article.


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