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Welcome to my last day of Art Every Day Month…I know it’s really my December 1st post, so technically AEDM is over, but because I am a day in arrears, it’s my 30th day of Art Every Day.

Once again, actual real live art didn’t exactly happen, so I’m having to improvise a bit, but given the expansion of my definition of art, at least I have a little something to show you!

Aside from seeing my son, his wife and son today, the highlight of my day was the few minutes I took to notice the world around me and take some fun photographs.

We live in a valley that is part of the Pacific Flyway, a major migration route for TONS of birds. And today we had a mess of visitors, in spite of all the rain.

We don’t normally see many robins in our yard. One here and there, but never lots of them. Today we had a whole flock (or herd, as I like to call them!) of about 50. They seemed to be REALLY impressed with out pyracantha berries. I watched them for quite awhile, before running for the camera and a quick lens change. I needn’t have hurried, because they were in no hurry to leave. I was so intent on getting a fabulous close-up that I didn’t get a shot of the whole bunch of them. It was really quite a sight. Enjoy…





Don’t you just love it when you take the time to notice your world, and you find something amazing? Me, too.

Today’s gratitude? I’m grateful that my son, his wife and their son may be moving back near us. They moved away about 2 years ago, and I’ve missed them so much. It isn’t a for sure thing, but just the thought of it makes me deliriously happy.


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  1. Hope your son and his family move back. There’s nothing better than to be near those you love. Enjoyed seeing the birds with berries in their beaks.

  2. Beautiful pics, Janet! Keeping my fingers crossed for your family to move closer.


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