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Time To Trim The Tree!

Welcome to Art Every Day Month Day #28 –

Today was “get the tree up day!” It’s a day I really look forward to every year.

Back in the days when we lived in the mountains, getting a tree was a family affair. We’d make a day out of it, going out into the woods in the snow with our ratty old green pick up truck and a thermos of hot chocolate. Trees out in nature are a whole different thing than buying one off a lot. They look so small out there, and we always one that was WAAAAAAY too big, then have to cut it down, and it was always mis-shapen, and truth be told – ugly!

The branches were weak and the ornaments dragged them down. There were usually gaping holes in it, and we’d turn it around and around to find the best part to put out to the front. We made the best of it, and adorned it with all our little treasures, and we loved it, but by objective measurements, it was NOT beautiful. Not even close.

Fast forward a few years, and my daughter became a little tree-hugger who decided we shouldn’t be cutting trees down, so we decided to go ahead and make the leap to a fake tree, and I’ve been a fan ever since! What a difference! No holes, nice strong branches that will hold any ornament – just love them.

So, when we moved into our new house with nice tall ceilings I got a new, 9′ tree. Wow. I’ll never go back! BUT, the one problem with a pre-lit tree (which this is) is that the lights go out, and you’re stuck with a tree with lights woven into it that don’t work. My decision now is, do I take the time now to restring the tree, or fake it one more year, and restring it later?

After living with it today, I’ve decided to wait until I have more time to re-do the lights. So, I’ll supplement with more lights this year, and re-do it after the holidays. Hahahahaha! Won’t surprise me a bit, if I have this exact conversation with myself again next year!

So, yet another canvas on which to work! I’ll start tomorrow and show you how I build my tree step by step!

And stand by for an extra post tomorrow for announcing the winner of the drawing for the “Little Bird” book! I’m getting the names together tonight! Yay!

Gratitude Day #28 –

I’m grateful for all the memories we have of Christmases past. I just love getting out all my ornaments. By the time the tree is finished, it is almost like a scrapbook page of past years. I hope your holidays are filled with special memories, too!

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  1. Great looking tree. Hope you have fun decorating it!

  2. We use to buy fresh trees and even cut them down ourselves sometimes, but a few years back a great store was closing and had too good a deal to pass up on artificial trees that were prelit. So much easier and I can actually hang the heavier ornaments now.

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