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Crazy Shopping – Not Me!

Welcome to Day#26 of Art Every Day Month.

Yet another day has gone by with little to show for it. I knitted for a short while, but that’s about as close as I came to doing any art at all. Of course, the evening is young right now, so there’s always that possibility of doing SOMETHING, but I’m just not feelin’ it so far.

Something about the the first shopping weekend of the season that has left me exhausted. Not really. I actually boycotted the whole thing this year. Intentionally. No Black Thursday Night (or Friday, either.) No small business Saturday, or cyber Monday. None of it. I went to the grocery store, and that’s it. This year I’m just not going to be pressured by the media circus. I’m going to shop where I want to shop, when I want to shop, and not be a part of the nutso manufactured days. If it costs me a bit more, so be it. I’m not really as crotchety as I sound…I just HATE the commercialization so much.

I didn’t make a whole lot of progress on decorating, but I did SOME. It is going to be a slow process this year!


Gratitude Day #26 –

I am grateful today for all I have to do. For all the fun that is awaiting me as I go through my boxes and create a festive atmosphere for my family this Christmas season. Seriously. I love this stuff. And I feel a really productive day coming up tomorrow!


Don’t forget to comment for another chance to win Melody Ross’ book “A Little Bird Told Me.” Only 2 days left to enter! We will draw on the 29th! Good luck!

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  1. I’m with you, no shopping last weekend for this girl, either!

  2. I’m with you on the shopping thing, Janet. Leaving my family at home to go stand in line for hours and save a few dollars? Not for me. I firmly believe that the deals will only get better as Christmas nears. Sad to know so many families couldn’t celebrate Thanksgiving together because of their retail jobs. Besides, I cooked for 2 straight days and these old feet weren’t up to the added abuse.

  3. I may not shop period this year.

  4. I never shop the weekend after Thanksgiving. That’s always been my time to get our house decorated and besides, I don’t like shopping with crowds of people.

  5. I agree with you totally on the shopping thing!! Never will go during that time….Id not give up my time at home with family and friends for such a thing……..I always find good deals when i decide to go!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your branches!!!


  6. I’m with ya sister. No shopping for me on these days either. I’d much rather shop at 10am on Tuesday mornings when everyone else is doing something else!

  7. I just can’t stand the shopping frenzy on those sale days and just stay home as well. I love the simple pleasure of being able to browse in stores at my leisure :). Have a happy day – Heidi

  8. I boycotted all that consumerism crazy stuff myself. I am giving upcycled gifts for the most part. I’m always curious to know what you will create next. Happy Art Every Day Month!

  9. No shopping here either. I’m not much of a shopper to begin with so not really a hardship to stay away. i find the less time I spend in stores the less I need.


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