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Foundations of Wonderfulness!

Welcome to Day #25 Art Every Day Month! Glad you could stop by!

Sometimes in the course of “arting” you have to take a day off and restore order. Today was one of those days!

So instead of creating actual “art” today, I laid the foundation for getting my house decorated for Christmas. The lights are up on the exterior, and all the boxes which had been up in storage are strewn about my house waiting to be opened and their contents displayed. Each box is filled with memories of Christmas’ past. I remember how and when almost every item was acquired. Half the reason it takes so long to get everything in place is that the stories are relived and enjoyed all over again! It really is my favorite time of year.

One of my favorite traditions is the advent box…

Each of the kids have one, and I fill them with little toys, a few pieces of candy, hair barrettes – whatever I can find that will fit into the little cubbies. I’ve been collecting things for months…can hardly wait to get them put together!


Gratitude Day #25 –
Today I’m feeling grateful for teamwork. In years past, I would have been able to get all the Christmas wonderfulness down from the storage racks and into the house by myself, but this year with all my physical ailments, I needed help. I was glad to be able to be able to call on my other half for back up. Working together it didn’t take long, and man was it easier on my poor little back! Thanks, Mr. Tattered!


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  1. justaddwatersilly

    oh my, I’m totally in love with your advent boxes. WHere DID you get them? they’re gorgeous and your children are so lucky to have such a dedicated mom!

  2. your little advent boxes are very cute – what a lovely idea… I must go and find my christmas box in the shed somewhere!

  3. I love your advent box!
    How have you been since Blogtoberfest? I just wanted to let you know that I’m hosting another (albeit gentler and more introspective) blog challenge over the month of December called #reverb12. Would be so rapt if you joined us!
    There’s a little giveaway too. 🙂
    Details here:
    Take care,
    Kat xxx

  4. LOVE your advent boxes. So cute and I love the idea of having little gifts in them for the girls to look forward to receiving.

  5. Delightful post ~ advent calendars are so fun for the children ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^ on Blogger ^_^

  6. Hey, those days where we prepare are SOOOO important and look at all the people you inspired here with those adorable advent boxes! Visiting you for art every day month is always a treat!

  7. You are way ahead of me! I still have pumpkins on my porch. Got a guy coming to do a little work on the house this week, and haul a pile of junk from the garage. Then, I’ll be ready to bring down the decorations. Remember when we were little and Christmas seemed light years away from Thanksgiving? Now, it seems like a blink. Love your Advent boxes!

  8. I love the advent boxes that you fill for your children! What fun you must have in your home😊
    – Heidi

  9. One more hurray for the advent boxes! So very cute! I’m on the verge of having an empty nest so our Christmas traditions are such treasures to me. They definitely create memories that bind our family together.


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