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Heading Into The Christmas Season

Hi there! Welcome to day #24 of Art Every Day Month!

I actually got all the Thanksgiving decor put away today! Woohoo!

As anxious as I am to get Christmas up, all of this…

…scares me ALMOST as much as the scary room! There is sooooooo much to do! So, I’ll rest up and get started in the morning!


Gratitude Day #24 –

Today I’m feeling grateful for the whole Christmas season – we just love it, and it’s extra special this year because Al, Meegs and Josh (may son and his family!) will be joining us in addition to my daughter and her family. Yay! So many delightful traditions to get ready, most of them involving creativity! No wonder it’s my favorite time of year.


Don’t forget to comment in order to enter to win Melody Ross’s new book “A Little Bird Told Me.” Each time you comment (from the post on the 13th thru the post on the 28th) you’ll get a chance, for a total of 15 if you enter each day! If you missed a day, you can go back and catch up!

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  1. You are a brave soul. I could not face all that Christmas stuff. I put up less and less every year.

  2. It is amazing how much we accumulate for special holidays! I keep wondering what people that live in small spaces do. Maybe they visit friends or family that have larger spaces 😊 – Heidi

  3. Since going to FL for the winter, decorating had become really quick and easy, but next year could be a different story. But I still don’t think I have as much as you do. I’m trying to S L O W L Y downsize.

    • I never did a whole lot of decorating at home back when I had the store, because I got my fill of it downtown. So most of this, outside of the ornaments, is relatively new. Had I known I was going to fall apart so soon, I may have been more selective in what I accumulated…okay never mind. That’s just rationalizing, and it isn’t even working on me!

  4. justaddwatersilly

    ahh, our storage locker looks just like your storage! It’s always a lot of work to put up christmas but when it’s done it looks soooo purrrty. :o)

  5. It sounds like you create such a warm environment for your family. I hope you enjoy every minute of this beautiful season! Happy decorating and happy AEDM!


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