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A Day of Rest…Sorta!

Thanks for stopping to visit Day #23 of Art Every Day Month! I’ve enjoyed having all you new folks here, and hope you’ll stop by from time to time even after the month is over! If you’d like to be notified by e-mail when I post, please feel free to sign up! It’s easy to do – just click the button on the right!

It was good to have a nice, quiet, easy day following all the crazy cooking yesterday.

I got started on my next scarf…

…then went in to start tackling the studio mess. I got a little side-tracked and painted 2 more CD crates to increase my storage space for paints, so I didn’t get very far with the cleaning. But, I did get a little more organized, and that’s a good thing.

Somehow the plan to get Thanksgiving put away got forgotten – oh, well, tomorrow is another day!

Gratitude Day #23 –

I’m really grateful for leftovers today! The fam came over again to enjoy a little mini Thanksgiving dinner. How nice to take everything out of the fridge put it on the counter and let everyone dish up their own stuff and nuke it!

Don’t forget to comment to be eligible for the drawing for Melody Ross’s book “A Little Bird Told me.” It’s such an inspirational and beautiful treasure! Good luck!

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  1. Other than working on the computer for my etsy shop, I really rested up yesterday from all the previous day’s work. But today’s another day and now it’s back to work and time to start packing and getting ready for FL

  2. my son is home for the holidays so last night all his friends came over — and wiped out most of the leftovers! Having a house full of young men is like inviting in a plague of locusts! Not much happened in my studio yesterday either, just sort of puttered. Hoping to get something accomplished today. I love your paint storage, good luck with the cleaning.

  3. I love seeing creative storage ideas!

  4. melody’s book looks so lovely! i adore seeing all of your art supplies too! makes me want to run to the art supply store 🙂

    happy holidays!

    xoxo juliette

  5. Great organization idea for your paints! It makes them look so pretty and then you know what you have. Have a happy day – Heidi

  6. justaddwatersilly

    Hi, stopping by from AEDM. Not sure if it’s too late to throw my name into the hat but i thought it was worth a try. The book looks wonderful, I looked it up on amazon. Crossing my fingers I’m not to late!
    Your scarf is going to be a gorgeous color, I’m crocheting up some gloves as it’s getting cold up here in Canada.
    Jenn of

  7. Love the way you’ve organized your paints!!


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