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Happy, Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks for taking the time to come by and visit Day #22 of Art Every Day Month!

The scarves were done and waiting for the girls when they arrived for Thanksgiving Day. Pretty happy campers!

Hannah brought a special guest for Thanksgiving – a pet snail! I know, gross. But we are goin’ with her love for all creatures, even the disgusting ones. She set up a little house for him and picked leaves from the garden for his special dinner.

We had lots to do, so we were very glad we’d made the pies yesterday! Here’s the Pecan – Cranberry I was too tired to photograph yesterday. I only had a tiny piece, but I think I prefer just a straight pecan. I don’t know. I may have to have another piece just to make sure!

Before we got too far into cooking Andra and the girls made darling turkey place cards. They turned out so cute! Hannah did the cutest lettering for the names!

The thing that took the longest was our Orange Sweet Potato cups, an old family favorite. Bea helped me juice the oranges while the sweet potatoes baked.

Hannah can never wait to get her hands on them!

We have nearly the same thing every year:

Tofurkey   stuffing   mashed potatoes/gravy                       sweet potato cups   graber olives  broccoli  rolls

But then we switch up the desserts depending on what everyone is feeling like. Today was Hannah’s 8th birthday in addition to Thanksgiving, and she ordered a Birthday Pumpkin Pie with tons of whipped cream. Mr. Tattered loves his cherry pie, and then of course the Pecan-cranberry was new this year.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of friends, family and bonding over a great meal! Tomorrow I get back to my diet!

Gratitude Day #22 –

Guess it would be easy to figure out that today I am so very grateful for my family and all the wonderful memories we are making together. I feel incredibly blessed.

Don’t forget to comment to get a chance to win a copy of Melody Ross’s “A Little Bird Told Me” book! Every day until November 28th you’ll have another opportunity to win. The drawing will be held on November 29th, so be sure to check in and see if you are the winner! Good luck!

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  1. What a loving family post and creativity besides ~ Great photos ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  2. Janet – it sounds like your day was wonderful! xoxo

  3. You look so happy with everyone pitching in! I’d love your recipe for the sweet potato cups – they look delicious 😃 Hope that you had a great day – Heidi

  4. It sounds like a wonderful time, Janet! Everyone in our family had other plans this time around, so hubby and I went out to dinner then lounged around the house watching TV all day. It was nice, since I haven’t seen him in almost three weeks. Have a great weekend!

    • Glad you got some bonding time with your man! The biggest problem I had with having the store for 20 years was balancing my work time with my “man” time.


  5. Your sweet potato cups look really unique and different. I love sweet potatoes and I make a great casserole every year, but Mr. Cottage has a hang up about them, so whatever is leftover from the sweet potatoes from Thanksgiving dinner is all mine.


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