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Book, Yarn and Pie…Oh My!

Thanks for stopping by to visit on this 21st day of Art Every Day Month!

Let me start today by mentioning the “A Little Bird Told Me” book give-away yet again. Each day you comment on my blog (doesn’t have to be anything fancy!) you will get a chance to win. A big thank you to Melody and Kathy for the book they sent me, and for their generous offer to send one to one of my readers, as well.

I didn’t initially notice that in my package there were some little word cut outs and a piece of chocolate. What a nice presentation!

As for today’s art – well, I knitted and made pies for Thanksgiving with my daughter.

I finished Bea’s scarf (or “sarf” as she calls it!) and made a little one for one of the dolls she is getting from Santa.

Then I added a few more inches to Hannah’s scarf. Just a few more to go. I will finish it later tonight, then tomorrow do the one for her American Girl doll. Notice the stack of yarn behind Hannah’s scarf – still lots more projects to go. I’m going to be a busy girl!

We got three pies made tonight, pumpkin, cranberry pecan, and cherry…I know I should take pictures – but I’m snuggled into my recliner and can’t seem to get up again, so you’ll just have to imagine how great they look. Okay, some look better than others. Just imagine them perfectly beautiful! I have to say though, the cranberry pecan one my daughter made is picture worthy! Maybe tomorrow!

Gratitude Day #21 –

Today I am grateful for leftovers – I know, a silly thing to be thankful for, but because we worked so hard yesterday and made a BIG batch of lasagne, I didn’t have to cook tonight, and had enough to make a meal for all of us, so we could concentrate on pies instead of a whole meal! Just a quick steaming of pencil asparagus, and a few minutes of nuking for the lasagne and we were good to go! Now we’ll be ready to start all over again in the morning and put together a yummo Thanksgiving dinner.

Hope you all have a wonderful day, full of friends, family and bonding over a tasty meal. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. I totally missed this Brave Girl’s book thing, what a gorgeous book. Love your progress on the scarfs, the girls will love them.

  2. Have a happy Thanksgiving with your family!

  3. Love the scarfs, what a wonderful idea making ones for the dolls as well.

  4. Happy American Thanksgiving! Enjoy the pies, they sound delicious 🙂 – Heidi

  5. I love the “sarfs”… especially that you made one for her dolly. When I was little I had a “Doll Party” for my first grade birthday party. All the girls brought their dolls and we gave prizes in different categories. You brought back that lovely memory for me. Thank you!

  6. I wish I knew how to knit! Love those scarves….such a treasure….the family time and pies sound awesome as well! Blessings to you


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