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Single-handedly Jump-Starting The Economy

Spoiler alert*******

Andra – don’t read this! I’m showing the Christmas presents the girls are working on!

Hi, Guys! Welcome to Day #19 of AEDM (Art Every Day Month.)

Well, if I can’t art myself, this is the next best thing!

I had the girls for a few hours this morning and Hannah has been so anxious to get her hands on a 5×7 canvas, so we got them and lots of paints out. I got them all set up, then left them to their own devices. I over heard Hannah (age 8 in 3 days) say to her sister (age 4 1/2) “Would you like me to show you the technique I use to make the paint smooth?” and “When you finish your background you need a pencil to sketch what you want to paint.” Music to a Gaga’s ears!

They had a blast.

They still have a little bit of finish work to do on them, and I need to find some fancy frames for them, but they are off to a good start!


As for me? After they left, I went to Michael’s to see if I could find the supplies the girls would need to do their own FIMO creations. I found some cute molds on Etsy, but I was hoping to find them locally. I didn’t find the molds that were my primary goal, but good night Nellie, I found a ton of other stuff!

Now I have even MORE projects to stack up! I found yarn for 5 more scarves (I’ve lost my mind!) that I’m so excited about, wooden CD holders to paint and add to the ones I already have to store my paint in, jewelry findings for making a cake tray for Bea to display her cupcakes on (from her Harvest Festival purchase over the weekend) a scoring board for making these darling pumpkins I discovered on Facebook (which got me thinking about cute Christmas trees for ornaments, too) paper for decorating gift tags, a  couple of Sizzix dies, Tim Holtz’s Compendium II book (full of lusciousness!) and lots more odds and ends. Hey! I’m on  mission to get the economy jump-started!

Seriously, I may have taken leave of my senses! Oh, well. I’m feeling happy, not stressed, so either I haven’t come to terms with the fact that probably half this stuff won’t get done, or it’s what I need to get me producing in spite of the scary room!

Gratitude Day #19

Today I am gratitude for all the choices I have in my life. I know it can be a crazy-making thing sometimes, but choices are, by and large, a good thing. Imagine if you can, a life with no choices. Where your path is laid out before you with no opportunity to explore or deviate from the plan. No ability to discover something amazing and run with it. No, I’ll stick with choices – lots of crazy choices!

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you’d like another chance at winning Melody Ross’s book “A Little Bird Told Me.” Each day between now and the 28th you can comment for yet another chance at winning! The winner will be announced on the 29th. Good luck!

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  1. I love their paintings – art from kids is my favorite – I still have so many of my daughter’s drawings of us and of mermaids–all with big belly buttons!

    Oh, of course I’d love another chance to win the Brave Girls book too!


  2. I think you daughter will love her gifts from her daughters. My projects are winding down, temporarily, until we get down to FL

  3. Your little girlies are the spitting image (that’s a weird expression) of their Gaga. So fun!

  4. Oh I can relate to the excitement of shopping in a “candy store” for artists! It is such a warm feeling of promising creative days to come :). Have fun doing what you feel like doing! – Heidi

  5. The girls art work is lovely, Janet! Their mama will be so pleased. I also saw those pumpkins on Pinterest and ordered the scoring board, it just arrived yesterday! I also got the star die cutter to do the book page garland. I would love to see the cake plates out of jewelry findings and the cd holders for paints, I always need a good way to store my crazy supplies. Thanks for sharing, have a great Thanksgiving!


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