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Harvest Festival

Welcome to ART EVERY DAY MONTH Day #17

Today, instead of making art, Mr. Tattered and I took the granddaughters (who are budding artists themselves) to the Harvest Festival so they could see what artists do with their work.

I had expected to take lots of pictures of all the wonderfulness, but there were signs everywhere saying “no photos allowed,” so I refrained. And actually, truth be told, there was less wonderfulness than I expected.

It must be me, right? There were tons of shoppers. Getting down the aisles with a child attached to each hand was challenging. And the people seemed to be buying. But for the life of me, I couldn’t find anything that really caught my eye. There were no mixed media artists, no vintage assemblage.  It begged the question to me “Why?” Does it just not sell at that show? Or do the people who jury the show not like it?

I didn’t let on to the girls that I wasn’t finding it amazing. I pointed out people who were doing demonstrations and we watched them paint, and carve, and knit. We stopped at every booth they found interesting. They marveled at it all, wondering what things they might be able to try at home.

One of the first booths we saw had a lady who was making tiny little cakes and flowers out of Fimo clay. The girls were fascinated. They both wanted to buy something from her, but I made them wait, knowing there was so much to see and they would probably see something they liked better. But, after we’d worked our way through the whole show, those little clay wonders were still their favorites, so we went back and they each made a purchase. Hannah opted for a trio of flowers in a tiny glass vase, and Bea chose 3 tiny little cupcakes. While they weren’t looking, I added some cupcakes for Hannah and a flower for Bea to put in their advent boxes for Christmas. They will be surprised!

I have to admit I am kind of excited to buy them some clay and let try their hand at making some little treasures for themselves!

And (just in case you were wondering) I didn’t step foot in the studio. The mess is still waiting for me.

Gratitude Day #17 –

It’s raining today. Not little sprinkles, but a nice consistent rain. I’m grateful for that today. The more early rain we get, the better shape we’ll be in come next summer. This year we got enough rain to not have to go into extra conservation mode, and are hoping for the same this coming year. It’s so funny to be concerned about rainfall after so many years of living in a place where it was not an issue!

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  1. I too went to an arts and craft show today nd left disappointed.

  2. Sounds like a fun, creative day ~ Grand children are so important and fun! ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  3. Sorry you found less wonderfulness in the actual show, but so happy you found the wonderfulness in the girls’ finding something that interested and inspired them.

  4. I am wondering what sort of price range work at the show was selling in. Maybe that has some bearing on where all the mixed media artists were. Just a thought. Glad the girls found something to love!

    • Could be the issue. Although there were quite a few high-end booths, I don’t know that THEY were selling. The worker bees were selling a cute, large tote with the show logo on it, and many were brimming with stuff in them, but maybe it was large, inexpensive stuff on top of coats shoved into the bottom of them. My observations are NOT scientific!


  5. The items with the Fimo clay sounds like it would be something I would love to have, but not make. Remember that I have a dollhouse that’s currently sitting and collecting dust, but some day, maybe when I’m 80 years old, I may want to play around with my dollhouse. Fimo clay is what a lot of the miniature items are made from, but lordy be, I have my hands in too many things already and can’t imagine taking on anymore projects. Love how you’ve influenced your granddaughters to love art!

    • Hahahaha! I know what you mean! I never had any intention of learning to knit, but Hannah wanted to learn, so I taught myself (using youtube videos) so I could teach her. So now I knit. Just what I needed – another thing I don’t have enough time to do. Heeheehee! Next you’ll be seeing little fimo flowers and cupcakes on my blog!


  6. Your granddaughters are very lucky to have such adventurous grandparents 🙂 – Heidi

  7. Oh I hope you do get the girls some sculpey or fimo, they will working with it!


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