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AEDM, Book Give-away and Gratitude

I’ve got a lot of stuff going on here for the next few days, so whatever your reason is for checking in, thanks!

It’s Day #14  of Art Every Day Month, Day #2 of 15 for entering to win a copy of Melody Ross’s book “A little Bird Told Me” and my 14th day of gratitude…whoa!

Let me start with entering to win the book, since it takes explaining…

The back story can be found in yesterday’s post. All you need to do to enter is just leave comment every day between now and the post dated Nov. 27th. Each day you comment you get a chance to win.  If you comment every day from here on, that’s 14 chances to win! On the 29th I’ll draw from all the names, and the winner will receive a book directly from Melody and Kathy! Just visiting is not enough. You have to comment. That is the only way I know who visited!

If you sign up to receive e-mail notification when I post (easy to do – just click the button on the right side of the page!) you’ll get a reminder to check in in your in-box every day!

Day #14 AEDM –

Today’s art was a less than spectacular event, although slight progress was made, and that’s the point: DO SOMETHING!

I put several hours in on my scarves…I measured them on the girls yesterday to see how close I am, and they are very excited to have them finished. A few more days should do it, just in time for the chillier weather that is headed our way.

I also did a sketch on my 5×7 flat canvas that will be on the cover of my Happiness Project Art Journal. Hannah saw it and now wants to work on a canvas as well. She was so cute…”Gaga, puh-leeeeze – I really want to do a canvas! Can I start sketching it now?” Isn’t that cute? Not draw on it, but sketch it. I’m so stinkin’ proud of my girl! So, I’ve got a canvas she can can use. They are off school next week for Thanksgiving break (although mama is off most of the week) – maybe we can find the time to get it least started.

Anyway, neither project is really photo worthy yet, so I’m going to save them for when there is more to report!

Day #14 of gratitude –

Today I have a silly thing to be grateful for! Pedicures. Yep, pedicures. My poor little toes were about a week overdue – polish chipped and feet rough. It’s closed toe shoe season, so they weren’t out there for anyone to see, but I knew, and I didn’t like it. BUT, I haven’t wanted to leave the house, so I’ve been putting it off. Now that I finally made myself go out and get it done, I feel silly for how long it took, AND how much I enjoyed it. Oh, yeah. I enjoyed it. I don’t like the tickle part – and thankfully it doesn’t last too long. But I love the hot water soak, the massage, and the hot paraffin – aaahhhhh, the hot paraffin. That’s the best part. And I’m grateful that I discovered them, and that I am close to a place where I can get it done, and that I can afford it. Lots of gratitude for something so small. If you haven’t tried it, I HIGHLY recommend it.

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  1. Aaaah, the hot paraffin indeed! I love it too! Havent had a pedicure in ages and kind of miss it. Soiunds like you’ve been busy creating too…fun, fun, fun!

  2. Mr Cottage gave me a GC to one of our better salons for our anniversary. I made an appn’t for a massage and a pedicure for next week and I’m so looking forward to both. Got to get my feet ready for some Florida sunshine!

  3. I’ve never had a pedicure or a manicure for that matter. Guess I’m a low maintenance kind of gal. But I do keep my long unpolished nails clean and cared for, as you might have seen if you’ve visited my blog when I’m doing a tutorial.


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