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Wrappin’ Up Some Stuff

Welcome to Art Every Day Month Day #12!

Today I finished up a couple of incomplete projects.

Most noteworthy is my mixed media tissue box started a few days ago. It just needed a little more paint and some chalk, and is now in its new home covering an ugly box of tissues in the bathroom.

And I also ALMOST forgot to do my “inchie” with the ATCs yesterday. Never heard of “inchies?” They are once inch square little pieces of art. They are so quick and so cute! There is even a website for a weekly inchie challenge. I didn’t participate in it this year, but I’m planning to start in on it if they do it again next year.

Gratitude Day #12 –

Today I’m grateful for lazy days. Days when there is nothing on the calendar. Days when there is no reason to leave the house – no grocery shopping that has to be done, no errands that couldn’t wait, no appointments…Days when you can do what you want, when you want or even do nothing. Days when you can read for a bit, get a bite to eat, watch a little t.v., work on art, fold a load of clothes, take a little nap, then read some more. No stress. No thoughts that you SHOULD be doing something else. I don’t have them very often. But I appreciate days like this. A lot.

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. What a lovely tissue box. I’m with you, I savored having the extra day off yesterday with no pressure of doing anything.

  2. I like how your tissue box turned out + I really like your inchy – so much detail in such a small space!

  3. I’d never heard of “inchies” before. Such a neat little concept. Maybe, eventually, you could mount some of these pieces on necklaces. Might be neat.

    Anyway, just stopping by to look around and say “hi.”


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