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Artist Trading Card Day

Welcome to Day #11 of Art Every Day Month!  Glad to see you!

In my art group (The Fly Tribe) we have a group that does a monthly swap of Artist Trading Cards. A few months ago my oldest granddaughter, Hannah (age 7,) asked if she could do some, so I asked the group if there was anyone who would willing to swap with her. They were SOOO wonderful about it and 8 or 9 gals volunteered. So of course, Bea (age 4) wanted to do them, too, so my girlies added both of them to their lists. Now it’s become a monthly thing.

So today was our day for the November cards – The theme is “Thankful.”

Bea and her cards:

Hannah and her cards:

And finally, my contribution:

Gratitude Day #11 –

I am so grateful to live close enough to be able to do things like this with my granddaughters, and doubly grateful that they both share my interest in art! This is incredibly wonderful bonding time for us!

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  1. Hannah makes better ATCs than mine!

  2. your grand daughters will treasure these memories so much in years to come I am sure… wonderful post… and the cards are fabulous…xx

  3. Life doesn’t get better than that!

  4. Very sweet, and wonderful photos! Love the cards and the sentiment!


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