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Workin’ on Happy

Welcome to AEDM Day #11!

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned my intention to do my own “Happiness Project” starting in January, based on the “The Happiness Project” book by Gretchen Rubin.

The book runs through Gretchen’s year long project to increase her happiness level, and sets up a blurprint for doing your own.

I’m going to combine my Happiness Project with my first ever art journal.

I’ve purchased my journal, a 9×12 album of mixed media pages by Strathmore. I’ll be adding to the front a flat canvas painting, backed with some sort of vintage look trim – something a little frayed and ratty – not sure exactly what just yet.

The project is broken into 12 sections, one to work on each month. You can follow Gretchen’s or do your own. I’ve decided on a blend – some of hers, and some of my own. Then you come up with action steps to help you find the happiness in each of the areas.

Mine will be (subject to change, I guess!):

January – Health/boost energy

February – Embracing What is

March – Marriage

April – Art/creativity

May – Friends

June – Travel/leisure

July – Family

August – Mindfulness

September – Eternity

October – Legacy

November – Attitude

December – Happiness

I also need to come up with a list of commandments, and secrets of adulthood (things I’ve learned!) and again, these can be modeled after hers or all your own…I’m spending time each day working on my framework – jotting down notes and ideas.

I like the idea that I’ll be incorporating art into my project – elevating the project from a bunch of worksheets to a journal  that will have an artistic background on which to record my thoughts and progress.


Gratitude Day #11 –

Today I’m feeling grateful for having stumbled upon the “Happiness Project” book. Just reading it is making me more aware of all I have to be happy about, and the idea of recording my progress in an artful way has really increased my enthusiasm for the project. It’s very interesting to me that I had already decided on “Happy” for my one little word for 2013, had decided I wanted to do an art journal, and now finding this book – and the inspiration to combine these things! I love it when the Universe works like that!

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  1. I’ve never heard of that book, but it sounds really quite positive. Any book that can help with your art and keep you on a positive path sound good to me!

    • Well, the book didn’t help with the art, that was my addition, but it does get you thinking about your happiness level, and art is a big part of that for me!


  2. Janet – what a great/fun idea!

  3. It sounds like a good challenge for the coming year. I will have to look into this book the next time I am at barnes and noble. Best wishes with it.

  4. Ohhh, I have seen this book and know about the the project… but didn’t know all the details. I may try it in January as well…. hmmmm. Thanks for the thought!!

    • If you’re going to start in January, it will take some prep work! And keep in mind, the journal part was my addition! You may need to adapt the original book to how you want to do it! Allow enough time to hit the floor running January 1st!



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