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Checking In On My OLW…

Welcome to AEDM Day #9

Well, it’s the 11th month of the year – nearly the middle of it. I thought it was time to check in with my “One Little Word” for the year and see how I’ve been doing.

My OLW this year was “create” and for the most part I did an remarkable job of creating. I had a few rough months, but by and large I created more this year than I have in many other years combined.

I started the year by purchasing a charm with my word on it and the year. I thought it would be helpful to have my word near me all the time. I know it isn’t scientific, but it seems to have helped.

I developed a new direction with my canvases whereby I’ve added some extra dimension and a more tattered look.

I taught myself to knit, and made several scarves…

I participated in an “Inspiration Deck” project with a group of artists I took a class with. This was my entry…

I also did Artists Trading Card swaps every month, and even learned how to do “inchies” little one inch square pieces of art.

I decorated some birthday cakes…

Did a lot of gardening and photography…

…dabbled in making more jewelry – a more vintage, funky style…

…worked on painting wood…

…and even began working with vintage elements and altering cool stuff –

And this is just a sampling of the projects I did. Yeah, I’d say I did a LOT of creating this year!

Day#9 of Gratitude –

I am grateful for being creative, and for loving being creative, and for having time in my life to BE creative. It is one of the major joys in my life. It contributes to my happy.

About tatterednworn

I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. I love that you made a charm to keep your OLW close by. It was great to see all the ways that you have been creative this year. My olw was bravery. I lam visiting from AEDM + loved seeing all your AEDM projects too.

  2. My word for this year is gratitude…and it’s been mindblowing! Love that you chose create as your word. The things you have made this year are stunning! (popping in from bloggers in bloom)

  3. Wow! You really did a good job! Keep up!

  4. Way to go and be focused through the year! Loved seeing all of the projects you have worked on too. Time to review where I have been this year, thanks for the reminder.

  5. These are all so wonderful! I especially love your inspiration deck…I haven’t done one yet, but want to. Happy AEDM!

  6. I totally relate to your comments throughout this post! I would love for everyone, everywhere, to explore their creativity…and share. “Imagine” all the world sharing creativity!

    • Sounds like a great movement to me!


      • I’m so impressed by your post. I’m part of AEDM also and I love the way you have made your word for the year a reality. Now that we’re nearing the end of 2012, I’d like to do this for myself for next year, even to the point of finding a charm with the word I choose. Beautiful work you have created! Congratulations!

      • Thank you Judy! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let me know. I have a friend who makes them! Thanks for stopping by.


  7. My word this year has been GROW, and I feel like I’ve achieved so much of what I set out to! I have expanded my community of friends by becoming more active online. My blog has developed into a more focused piece of my life and has led to more growth and learning as I’ve taken more classes through the year (including BBTL). My creativity has expanded as have my opportunities: In the coming year I’m planning to begin teaching in-person courses based on my blog. Thanks for sharing your progress through the year. It might be just “one little word,” but the one word we each carry with us through the year can be immensely empowering! (p.s. I love your inspiration deck!)

  8. I would say you did an excellent job on fulfulling your word. Mine was FLOURISH, and I really feel I did. I haven’t been doing much lately, but hoping to resume once we get down to FL.

  9. Love your OLW idea. You sure have lived up to your intention!

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