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Thinking Off the Canvas

Welcome to Day #8 of Art Every Day Month! An extra special thank you to those who are returning to see what I’m up to next!

I am so enjoying not only the incentive of wanting to produce something new to show each day, but also seeing the art others are working on!

Some time back a few of the girls in my art group were discussing their dislike for having ugly tissue boxes out in their homes (something I dislike as well – oh to have that be our biggest problem in life! Heeheehee!) and it got me to thinking about making up something to disguise them.

I got as far as finding an old wooden cover at a second hand store (for $1.50!) and it joined the ranks of projects started and never finished (well, if you consider buying the base “starting!”)

So, as I contemplated my project for today, I figured why not see what I could do with it?

I knew I wanted to make it a mixed media piece, and since I am loving the look of book pages and sheet music as a background, figured I’d start there and see what happens.

Once the background papers were modpodged on, I added a bit of smudged paint, some textural accents and a little inked lace.

Then I added some torn paper flowers, some copic pen leaves and a few doodles.

I like where it’s going so far. I’ll add a bit more paint, a few more doodles and some chalk… at this rate I may get it  finished tomorrow!

Gratitude Day #8 –

Today as I sit in my warm and comfy home watching the rain starting, I am taking a moment to be grateful for a roof over my head. Not everyone has that, even on the best of days. With the hurricane and now big storm back east, there are even more people with no place to call home.

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. Wonderful creation and recycling ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^ on Blogger ~

  2. I love your blog … so glad I jumped on board AEDM to find it!

  3. I like where this is going… I would say you are almost finished! Dropping by to say hi from AEDM. Julie

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