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More Progress – This is a Good Thing!

It’s Day #7 of Art Every Day Month in janet’sworld!

I had completely forgotten how much easier it is to get some art done when you know that each evening you have committed to blogging about it.

I’m trying to stay dedicated to finishing what I start, so in that vein, I put the last of the knobs on my storage piece from yesterday’s post. Love it!

(Don’t know if you can tell, but this is just a bunch of parts put together rather than an actual knob!)

As I was taking pictures of the goodies in the drawers, I remembered a cute idea I had seen for using a door knob to make a display stand for photos, so I rounded up some old wire I’d squirreled away months ago and got to work.

Again, Love it! I had the heart left over from another project I did months ago, and thought it looked cute at the top. Now I need to find some photos to add to it. I’m thinking a little tag with some romantic thought, along with a couple of pictures of Mr. Tattered and I would be the perfect addition.

Gratitude Day #7 –

Would it be terrible of me to be grateful for junk? ‘Cuz I really am. I love junk. I love rusty, dented, chipped, and scratched stuff that most people would throw away. I love keeping it around and having it close for when inspiration strikes, as it did today.

If I was living by myself, I would get rid of every piece of normal, new furniture I own, and replace it with old, mismatched things. My cupboards would not be fancy cherry wood. They would be custom made from salvaged wood, with chipped paint that had seen a hundred years of inclement weather. My dishes would be mismatched and so would my silverware and glasses and serving pieces.

I could go on and on.

Yep. I’m grateful for junk.

About tatterednworn

I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. I am coo-coo for pieces like that. I have them tucked around in my house. Looking like I drug them out of an old barn and through a boutique before they made it my way…..some of them do come from an old barn. Love the look. So dynamic and yet understated.

  2. Somehow I missed yesterday’s post, so went back and found it. Like you, I LOVE old and tattered, as well as worn and wonky. No fancy studio at my place, just lots of function and rusty pieces.

  3. LOVE this!!! The drawers, the knobs that you used on the drawers – and the door knob and twisted wire is to die for…love, love, love!!!

  4. We must have been twins that were separated because I love old and junkie and ALWAYS have. I love old houses vs new and old furniture over new. Our house has so many great finds that I’ve found over the years. The hunt is as much fun as the find.

    • Unfortunately, Mr. Tattered isn’t as enamored with old and ratty as I am, so I try to temper things with him in mind. But he IS trained to pick up little rusty elements he finds in the street!


  5. We have the same taste :0) My addiction started when I was 15 and I found an old iron bed in an old barn that I was being paid to empty out out so it could be torn down. It was covered in rust and crusted layers of paint that had swelled and had critters (bugs) crawling through the layers.. My Dad and I cleaned it up and got rid of all of the critters and he then repainted it for me. Since then the paint has worn off again and I set it outside in the back for 2 years until it regain the old patina I wanted. I brought back in cleaned the loose stuff off and rubbed it down with a sealer so the rust wouldn’t get on things. I love it! I can’t imagine sleppng in any other bed…even if it is a tad on the short side.

  6. I am very grateful for junk as well and am just fascinated with this project you’re up to. I haven’t gone back BEcause I know me, I’ll get lost in the space that is AEDM and I am trying hard to stick to my intention to visit 6 to 8 new-to-me artists’ posts a day.

  7. very creative! i love the fact that you used different kinds of knobs for each drawer!

  8. It seems as if a lot of us also fancy this aesthetic! I am slowly and surely making my home much more of a reflection of the artist who is me (and my children who thankfully put up wiht and enjoy Mommy’s tastes!) Lovely, again!

  9. So many stories seen and heard in these object…what do they whisper to you?


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