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Knitting and Stressing, Stressing and Knitting

Welcome to Day #5 Art Every Day Month.

Today I spent most of the day out and about with my daughter then came home to obsess about the election some more, and keep my hands busy knitting – so that is my art for the day!

I’m working on two scarves at the same time – one for each of my granddaughters – one pink girl and one purple girl!

I’m using a crazy fluffy yarn this time. It is much harder to knit with, but the scarves are soft and squishy and yummy. It is worth the extra effort and they are going to LOVE them!

One of the nicest things about knitting is that it doesn’t take a whole lot of concentration, and is REALLY calming. And until the results of the election are in, I need help staying calm. I think I can deal with the results once it’s a done deal (sad as I’ll be if it doesn’t go the way I’m hoping it will go!) but getting there is STRESSING ME OUT!

Gratitude Day #5 –

Today I’ve spent a fair amount of time thinking about our right to vote, and being grateful not only being ABLE to, but for how easy it is in California, as opposed to how hard it is in other parts of the country.

Here in California, we can vote absentee and have chosen to do it that way for many years. I voted two weeks ago.

I watched multiple clips on t.v. today showing the horrific lines that some people had to stand in this weekend to early vote. I can’t believe how many people stood in lines 2, 4, 8 hours long. In Ohio, some people, after standing in line many hours, didn’t finish voting until 1am. I am in awe of their determination.

I am also horrified that there are people out there attempting it to make it harder for people to vote. It is our right, and I would contend our civic duty to do so, and the very idea that it is getting harder instead of easier makes me crazy. America is not a third world country. This should not be happening.

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  1. I was only going to comment on your lovely scarves, then got into your diatribe about voting. I realized how lucky you must be because I am in a state (KS) where you have to show photo ID even if you are registered and have voted for many years. I feel it is so unfair to those who don’t have driver’s licenses (mainly the poor and elderly) which makes them ineligible to vote. I know a couple other states have adopted this horrible “law,” but Kansas was the first, at least to my knowledge, because we had to show our licenses for the first time during the mid-term elections. I can see it, if it’s your first time to vote, but ……………WOW, now you can listen to my diatribe! All of a sudden I’m going off on all things political (grin). I hope that didn’t stress you too badly. Have a super TUESDAY.

    • Keeping people from voting is just so un-American. People have created a “solution” for a problem that didn’t exist (voter fraud is incredibly rare) for the purpose of keeping the poor from voting. People who live sheltered lives don’t have ANY idea how difficult it is for some people to get to the polls. They make assumptions that just because it would be no big deal for THEM to have to spend $20 to get a copy of their birth certificate, everyone should be able to. $20 can make the difference between feeding your children and have them go hungry for some people. Then many would have to walk or take public transportation long distances to spend hours and hours trying to get their card to vote. I can’t believe there isn’t a huge uproar about this issue. Voting should be easy.


  2. Yay for Voting! I am in a new state this year and I am still concerned I am going to show up and then be turned away cause of some voter rule- we have to show our ID here in AL-
    Lovely knitting:) I bought some ruffle yarn but still have not figured out how to knit or crochet it for a scarf. It is not scarf weather here yet so I guess I still have time.

  3. I voted several weeks ago when they first opened early voting in my state and was astonished a how long the lines were then. I was quite proud to see how many people were getting out to vote! Hopefully, everyone who hasn’t yet will get out today!

    Your scarves look wonderfully cozy and warm. I’m sure your granddaughters will love them!

  4. I am so sad for all of you who have to go through anything hard to vote. I don;t get it. I don;t get how it can happen, and I will be even more angry if it happens again!! EVERYONE should have the chance to vote without facing hardship. And having to stand in line for 2 or more hours is a hardship!
    This year, I think the musicians, comedians and famous actors should be traveling to those places to perform and keep the folks in line. The did spots for the election, but traveling to the voting sites would be even more helpful and would definitely be a way for those folks to give back!

  5. I find crochet very therapeutic also. I am not to just set and watch TV so I crochet and watch/listen :0) I’m headed out to vote now. Very tough decision year for me.

    • Yay for voting! I am hoping to learn to crochet. I learned a basic stitch, but I need someone to show me the next steps – I have some adorable patterns for flowers!


  6. I think your scarves are so lovely! The recipients are sure to feel very special when they get them! I am a sometime crocheter myself. It really is quite therapeutic to do any kind of needlework, isn’t it?

  7. I was watching the election results tonight and was struck by one commentator who said something like “I doubt those people who have been standing in these lines for 8 or more hours are illegal (or ineligible to vote).” I had to agree!


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