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Gotta LOVE Finished Projects!

Welcome to Day #4 of Art Every Day Month!

This is starting out to be just the accountability I need to get my booty into the workroom every day! 4 days down, 4 days I’ve actually done Art!

And today I even finished my project!

For Day #4 of gratitude, I’m choosing glorious fall days.

I sat out in the backyard for awhile this afternoon just soaking in the beauty and peacefulness. Before long it will be cold and wet, and the beautiful colors will have given way to stark, bare branches.  Note to self: remember to take at least a few minutes every day it is nice out to just “be” in the moment – aware of what a blessing it is to have nothing I NEED to do other than just enjoy it.

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. I’ve just scooted back over your last few posts to see the progress of the blocks. What a great job you did, you should be very proud of yourself!

  2. Congratulations on finishing your project. Now you can enjoy it all month before Thanksgiving.

  3. Your finished project is GREAT! And you photos are fantastic. I spent the whole weekend outside and I feel rejuvenated :0)

  4. Love your “give Thanks” blocks – wonderful!!

  5. I love your blocks! I, too, am very inspired by beautiful fall colors and sentiments of gratitude!

  6. Love how your blocks turned out. So great to be motivated and creating every day. With us leaving for FL, there’s just too much going on for me to do this. Maybe next year if you don’t go back to FL like we’ve been talking about doing.

  7. I love the blocks and went back to see how they progressed. Your art is fantastic. It is warm and inviting, as are your photos.

  8. The centerpiece is lovely! As are the photos of autumn … which is something I miss. We get some autumn in my spot of Texas, not much, and I have to drive to see it. At least I get to drive and see it twice a week for our horseback riding lessons!

  9. Those blocks really are super!

  10. Love the Give Thanks Blocks! And thanks for letting us see the process.

  11. What a lovely project! I second that for being thankful for fall.

  12. Janet, Love these! The colors, each little separate scene – so wonderful!


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