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Less Of Me To Love!

Welcome to Blogtoberfest Day #19.

I’ve lost quite a bit of weight, but today was a terrific day for increasing my resolve to shed the extra pounds still hanging onto me.

I’ve been doing good. Its been months since I’ve consoled myself with food. I’ve made terrific progress with convincing myself that food is the enemy and must be ingested sparingly. I’ve lost a pant size and chucked the ones that are too big – I’m not going back!

But today I actually ventured in to a store and shopped for clothes. I was a little nervous because I wasn’t sure I had lost enough to make a difference, but I was pleasantly surprised! The smaller size I tried on, actually fit! I was over the moon excited! Side note…gals who are overweight tend to shy away from skinny jeans, but I gotta tell ya, you need to at least try them if you are a size 14 or under. They take off about 10lbs when you pair them with boots and a tiered sweater over a cute long top!

And I finally got some cowgirl boots! I’ve wanted some for a long time, but I have an aversion to buying leather. I was able to find some that look pretty good but have man-made uppers! Woohoo! Happy girl!

Now all I have to do is find a flirty little skirt to go with them! THAT may have to wait awhile…

I suppose I should make a plug for the store I was in…Kohl’s. Their sales are good, and I was able to buy everything I wanted not only on sale, but I had a coupon for an additional 20% off everything. I actually saved more than I spent, AND additionally, I got a $50 gift card for next week. Can’t get much better than that!

It was great to come away feeling like I’d gotten a good deal, and even better feeling like I’m looking better!

I still have a long way to go to get back to a healthy weight, but I’m headed in the right direction, and super enthusiastic about continuing! And from now on, clothes shopping shouldn’t be QUITE as traumatic! I’m never going to be bikini worthy again, but at least I can look cute in regular clothes.

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  1. happy for you – 🙂 enjoy your weekend

  2. Funny you should mention skinny jean. Mr. Cottage gave me a hefty GC from Chico’s for Christmas last year. I just haven’t needed much in the line of clothes, but thought perhaps a new pair of jeans. So I was just there a couple of days ago and bought a pair of their skinny jeans and actually wore them last evening. I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were. Now if I could only shed a few pounds! Been trying and getting very discouraged. Going to have my thyroid checked and see if that may be the reason.

    • I love them…I was hesitant to even try them, but I figured in the privacy of a dressing room why not? I was VERY surprised at how slenderizing they are. I would have figured just the opposite. As for weight loss. It gets more and more difficult with each passing year. That may be why I am so determined now, no matter how slow it goes. It’s only going to get harder.



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