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Old Age Ain’t For Sissies

Welcome to Blogtoberfest Day #18!

“Don’t regret growing old, it’s a privilege denied to many.”

That’s a pretty cool saying, and I try not to think too much about the downsides of getting old, even though they get harder and harder to ignore. I recognize how fortunate I am to have lived as many years as I have.

But good grief! Some of this aging stuff is for the birds (sorry birdies!)

I’ve always been fairly active and walked with a bounce in my step. Rarely do people think I’m as old as I am. But in the past few years I’ve been feeling the aches and pains a little more, and the last month has been particularly depressing.

My back hasn’t completely recovered from the rafting accident, so that’s an issue, although I’ve been dealing with it fairly well. But now I’ve got what feels like a bruise on the bottom of my heel (although I’ve done nothing to cause any bruising!) and in trying to avoid putting my full weight on the foot, I’m feeling stiffness in my knee and a pulling in the muscle in the back of my thigh. I’m hobbling around like an old lady for the first few minutes I stand up! I really don’t like it! And it’s beginning to look like I may need to see the doctor, and anyone who knows me at all knows how much I’m hurting if I’m going to the doctor!

On top of that, I’ve pretty much decided hot flashes and night sweats are never going to go away, I will never sleep through the night again, I need to buy stock in panty liners (depends can’t be far down the road!) losing weight comes at a snail’s pace, I’ve begun to snore, I need to have my face waxed (seriously, a mustache?????) I can’t read without my glasses, and trying to pluck my eyebrows while holding my glasses to my eyes is nearly impossible. My wrinkles have wrinkles, my granddaughter loves to wiggle my bat wings, I walk into a room and can’t remember what I went in for, I find myself wearing a shirt with chunks of food on it, and from time to time put it on inside out…it goes on and on, but the rest is just too gross for polite conversation.

Seriously. Old Age is hard – it ain’t for sissies. And I’m not even to the really hard part yet.

But, on the positive side, I appreciate every day, and I know I didn’t when I was younger. I worry less, forgive more, and am tons more patient.

Hopefully I’ve still got a lot of years left. Even with all the aches and pains, and knowing there is Heaven waiting for me, I’m not ready to be done with this life on earth just yet. There are still lots of places I want to see, things I want to do, God willing and the creek don’t rise.

I’m guessing I’ll get used to all the inconveniences of an aging body. And when I can’t stand looking at it any more, I’ll put sheets over the mirrors.

In the meantime, I’m laughing at the aging jokes – knowing they are sooooooo true, doing my best to enjoy every minute of every day, and remembering that life is too short to drink bad coffee.

So how are y’all coping with aging? Any funny stories you’d like to share?

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. Ok…just had to respond…you have such a way with words…and funny too…My story…diabetes, high blood pressure and oestoarthritis all controled with medication.
    I have gall stones and the specialist wants to chop my stomach in half so I wont be obese any more (the cost is one of the reasons I am hesitating) oh, and he will take the gall bladder for free (generous or what)…
    The good news…yesterday I had a bone density test and I am in the 25% above average group…so my bones are ok for now….
    Still I have to say that my mind wants to be creative and read and I feel like there are new adventures to be had.
    I love reading your blog posts and do so every day…I am considering whether to have one as well. Keep on being you and smile♥

    • Oh, Jan! Thanks so much for your comments. I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog. Hope all goes well with your health decisions…it’s rough, huh?! If you’re considering a blog, I say go for it! It’s a lot of fun and VERY therapeutic!


  2. You write in such a way that it’s got plenty of humor in it, but let’s face it, it really aint funny growing old. I’m in constant pain all the time from bursitis in both the right and left hip. My appn’t with dr. is Nov 2 and can’t wait. And then there’s my knees, back, and on and on. My mother said this isn’t the golden years, it’s the rusty years!


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