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October ATCs

Welcome to Blogtoberfest Day #14!

I’m having difficulty getting used to having Hannah back in school – I hardly ever get to see her at a time when we can “art” so I had to ask mama if I could have the girls for a few hours today, so we could work on our Artist Trading Cards for October. The girls in my art group are so precious…Hannah wanted to try doing ATCs and my group invited her (and Bea) to join in. The girls are in heaven. And it is so wonderful that these ladies are taking the time to nurture the creative aspirations of these little blossoming artists.

Creating is messy!

Bea creating

Her witches, ghost and “fiders” are so cute!

Hannah hard at work.

She likes doing them all different!

Me, on the other hand, I like doing mine all the same! Fun, Fun, Fun!

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  1. The girls are doing such a great job! Of course they have the best teacher!

  2. What a blessing to have these talented young ladies in your life! They are precious, and very lucky to have such a fun and caring grandmother!

  3. I love seeing how you’re having such an influence, with your art, on your granddaughters. I sure miss doing the ATC’s but hoping I’ll have more time for it once we get down to FL.

  4. How much fun is that! Great job girls!

  5. Their cards are adorable. Nothing sweeter than little kids’ art, seriously. I wish I would’ve known they were in this swap–I would’ve done 2 extras for them-darn!


  6. I just love seeing the girls artwork, it makes me smile!


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