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It’s An Ugly Mess

Welcome to Blogtoberfest Day #10.

I have watched longingly as friends post pictures of their beautiful trees dressed in their fall finery. We just aren’t getting cold enough at night for our trees to start turning colors yet.

But the daytime temps in the high 70’s are making it great weather for working out in the garden – an area that has been sadly neglected for months. Although I love the colors of fall, it’s not my favorite time of year for the garden. There is lots of pruning that needs to be done, lots of deadheading, and lots of weed-pulling – none of which are my favorite chores! It’s all about cleaning up the decay. Yuck.

But, the hours I spent out there today were oddly rewarding. It was such an over-grown, brown mess. And although there is still much to do, it is now tidier, and tidy is refreshing at the moment.

Mr. Tattered cut back his grapes and pretty much filled up the “green” trash can, so I’ll have a pile of weeds and clippings for awhile, but that’s okay.  Progress is messy sometimes.

There were a few bright spots out there. My gold mum plant has so many blossoms that you can’t even see the green of the leaves.

The red mums aren’t as full, but definitely beautiful…

There are a few remnants of summer, like the pink zinnias…

And even a volunteer that one of the birds must have dropped off. I think it’s a variety of Lantana.

Hmmmm. Maybe the garden isn’t so ugly after all. At least not if you take the time to look closely.

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  1. Great post, Janet! I too have a kind of love/hate relationship with my garden this time of year. So much is dead or dying, yet some things are thriving in the cooler weather. Many flowers are still blooming, my mums are gorgeous! Except I seem to be terribly allergic to them, so I am miserable and never far from a hanky…see, love/hate!

    • I’m glad I don’t have allergies, and sorry you do! I’m glad I got out yesterday…today is a bit dreary and windy. Changeable time of year!


  2. I’ve been doing much of the same, Janet… weeding, treating insects, etc. I need some cooler temps to really get myself into it.


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