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A Trip To The City

Welcome to Blogtoberfest Day#6!

Today was an exercise in seeing how much you can cram into one day!

We took the kids and their families to San Francisco with us for the Fleet Week festivities. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I took 350 pictures! Hahahahaha! I could hardly believe it! Rest assured, I’ll only subject you to a small portion of them (at least today!)

We had such a good time!

We started the morning off with breakfast and a wander through the farmer’s market at the Ferry Building. I could have stayed for hours, but we had a lot on our agenda for the day.

I’ll do another post another day with all the yumminess from the market. I get a little crazy photographing produce!

From there we jumped on the “Hop on – Hop Off” bus for a tour of the city. Another of my photographic weaknesses is the architecture of the city…I just can’t can’t get enough of it.

This is one of my favorite buildings…I think I take a picture of it every time we come to the city!

Since this was Fleet Week, we wanted to see the parade of ships coming under the Golden Gate Bridge, and figured the best way to see it would be to walk up onto the bridge. As many times as we’ve been to the City, and as many times as we’ve driven across the bridge, we’ve never walked out onto it, so that was a fun first.

A part of the city tour took us by the motel we stayed in on our honeymoon, 40 years ago. We laughed remembering that I stood on the third floor railing and dropped  a sugar packet on Mr. Tattered down below. He had an arm full of things he was taking to the car, and thought he dropped it, and bent over to pick it up, so I dropped another one. He bent over and picked it up as well. Finally when I dropped the third one, he looked at it on the ground, then looked up and saw me standing there with a handful of the packets. I just laughed and laughed. It was the first practical joke I ever played on him!  Silly, I know, but it was fun to reminisce about!

Finally it was time for the airshow. We went to Fisherman’s Wharf to watch it. Oh my goodness…There were sooooooooooo many people there! We’ve seen the Blue Angels perform many times, but it never gets old.

Bea crashed, but fortunately her big strong daddy was willing to carry her for miles as we walked back to our hotel, and she got a little nap.

We capped off the day with dinner at Tres Agave, the original Mexican Restaurant whose 2nd one located near us closed a few months ago. We’ve missed it so much! Blew the bejeepers out of my diet with margaritas, chips and guac and veggie tacos, but with all the walking we did, I don’t feel too bad about it!

As if that wasn’t enough for one day, we went back to the hotel for dessert (decaf and ONE bite of molten lava cake for me!) and then watched the fireworks over the bay from our hotel balcony.

Now it’s time to crash. It’s been a very full day!

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  1. Nice photos of SF. I’ve only had connecting flights there but have never spent time in the city. I love going to places out of the ordinary with the grandkids. Lucky for you, you can see them quite often! BTW, Mr. Tattered is either very tall or you’re very short???

  2. What a fun time! We love a city day with our grown up kids, when we can gather them. Best city day with them, ever…..has to be Rally to Restore Sanity in DC. Can’t believe that was two years ago. Have been to San Fran a couple of times, but that was years ago. Beautiful! i wouldn’t worry about the diet….all that walking up and down hills should more than compensate.

    • How fun, Mary! Fortunately we all like vacationing together – even these short little weekends. We hope to do it more as the grandkids get older!



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