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What a Difference a Year Makes – or not!

Welcome to Day 2 of Blogtoberfest!

I did Blogtoberfest last year and it was the beginning of me blogging every day for the last year (unless I didn’t have internet access – which happened only a few times!)

So, since I signed up again, I thought I’d go back and see what I was up to this time last year.

My creative journey continues, but I have no more sense of direction than I did back then. I’m still artistically schizophrenic, confused, crazy busy and dedicated to my granddaughters.

I’m still exploring the many sides of me, and I’m still going back and forth between whether I want to launch a business or not. I’m still over-scheduling myself, enjoying the living daylights out of writing, making mistakes and trying to learn from them.

But, I’ve started painting (even developed a bit of a style,) done an art group’s ATC swap every month for a year, participated in some artsy challenges, made new friends, gotten an internship…it’s been an interesting year.

Speaking of ATC’s, last month Hannah and Bea wanted to do ATCs, so I asked my girlies if anyone would be willing to trade cards w/ them, and several volunteered. The girls worked so hard on their cards, and today they got the ones they traded for in the mail.

They tore open the envelope to see their treasures, and ran to get their folders so they could put the cards in their protectors…They were so precious!

I’m so proud of my little artists!

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. Love how you are being such an inspiration to your young granddaughters. It’s awesome. Have fun creating, never mind the direction maybe you are just meant to have lots of fun. 😉

    • In my more sane moments, I agree. And that is what makes most sense for my life…so why do I keep fighting it???


      • I do the same thing as you Janet. Fight, push, try and figure it all out… then I doubt myself, then I know I have to continue going after things. But in the meantime I’ll join you in the artistically schizophrenic, confused, crazy busy life that I have too. 🙂

      • I’m so sorry, sweet thing. I hate to think you’re going through the same thing I am…BTW, your comment was the inspiration for tonight’s post!


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