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“Get Your Art On” and Blogtoberfest

Today is day one of of an artful challenge that required me to commit to an hour a day of making art, and a blogging challenge that requires me to blog every day, which really isn’t very challenging since I’m doing it every day any way.

But most importantly, today is day one of my artistic reset. A new commitment to make sure that I am intentionally making room in my life for art. I’m not stuck on just painting. I am back to wanting to do a wider variety of things so as to avoid getting bored. And the projects are stacking up quickly.

I can’t say it was a fabulously successful day, but it was certainly a step in the right direction. I put in more than an hour “arting.” Not on just one project…sort of dabbling here and there.

I recently bought some skeleton keys and a typewriter key with my initial on it and wire and chain to make a few necklaces. I’m loving the long layered look with multiple necklaces as accents to wear with a ruffly shirt and vest. I didn’t get them finished, but at least I made a start, and I’m liking how they look.

I also worked some more on my latest knitted scarf,

…and played with making a crazy tree out of old ratty funnels and a brass candlestick. I’m not sure this is the base I will end up with, but it’ll do until I find what I REALLY want. It looks a little lost all by itself, but I when it is in a little vignette for Christmas, I think it will be darling.

I wish I could take credit for the idea, but I actually found a similar design on Pinterest. Woohoo! I actually made something I found on Pinterest!

Anyway…I would have to say day one got off to a decent start!

About tatterednworn

I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. Ooh fun!I like how you are using things you already have.

  2. Awesome!! Lovin the tree! What do you think of maybe some of your antiqued jewelry chains wrapped around the funnels for ‘garlands’? I don’t have a clue how you could tack them up for scallops around it, but I even see maybe some of your cool miniature ‘find’s hanging from them. Just a thought, and I sure miss playin’ and creatin’ with you!!!!!

  3. Love the jewelry finds! The funnel tree is adorable.


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