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Day #30 CED – Collector? Hoarder?

Well, I actually spent some creative time today. I’m back to knitting in my down time. I forgot how much I enjoy it. I’m starting back up with a fluffy lavender scarf for Bea, then I’ll follow it up with a pretty pink one for Hannah.

Yesterday I wrote about what I would want to take if out house was in the path of a fire, and it got me to thinking about “stuff.” I decided that most of it doesn’t mean much to me, but for it having such a small amount of meaning to me, I sure have a lot of it! Heeheehee!

And that led me to thinking about “collecting” vs. “hoarding.”

Except when I go into the studio, I think it’s just a little collecting, rather than hoarding. But I have lots of collections.

One of my favorites lately is my “F” monogram collection. I got my very first one 35+ years ago.

It’s been on my wall all these years. But now it has friends…

And then there is my latest (and perhaps BEST addition!)

I’m still just giddy over this one. Love, love, love…

Tomorrow I will be starting two new challenges. The first is “Get Your Art On” – a one month commitment to being creative an hour a day every day the whole month of October. The other is “Blogtoberfest.” Last year, this was the challenge I did that got me into blogging every day. “Blogtoberfest” will be a piece of cake – “Get Your Art On” – not so much! After failing miserably with my own “Creative Every Day” I’m hoping the commitment to other people will get me on track. I NEED to have an hour a day to create, AND I deserve it!

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. I too think about collecting vs hoarding. There are times when I dream of living a simplistic life but then I can’t imagine giving away the treasure I’ve collected over the years. I guess I just have to clean out every once in awhile!
    Good luck in your two new classes!

  2. Enjoy your new month’s challenges. Sounds like fun. I had also signed up for a challenge this month but decided to unsubscribe since I didn’t think I could commit. I admire you for charging full speed ahead with two of them. 🙂


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