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Day #28 CED – Okay, A Little Progress!

I actually did a little better today on the creativity front. Nothing monumental, but movement.

I bought some awesome old, ratty containers to store my art treasures in, and finally got them set up. Some needed to be spiffed up a little. One had some writing on it that I didn’t like, so I gessoed over the words and repainted. I still need to “antique” the drawers a little, but at least I got it started.

I’m thinking I may add some cool old drawer pulls to them, too.

In the back of my mind I thought I might actually get a project going, but unfortunately, the mess got to me, and I had to start cleaning instead. It’s not fair. I know I am capable of being a slob…why I can’t I be one when I need to be one most?

Oh how I wish I had “after” pictures to show you, but I didn’t make enough progress for you to be able to see! Heeheehee! Maybe tomorrow…I am really getting into “hoarder” territory, here!

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  1. I just cleaned my studio this week as a curator was coming to visit. But it won’t stay that way long!! I can create in quite a mess, but once all the flat surfaces are covered I need to clean again!

  2. OH MY, I thought mine was the pits, but yours is looking rather pathetic, too! I’ve been PLANNING on cleaning mine all week and so far, I haven’t put one thing away yet. Maybe later today or tomorrow, hopefully.

  3. This is scary, I didn’t even notice the mess as much as the really COOL things you’ve collected! You better post the ‘funnel’ tree when you get it made!!!

    • Hahahahaha! THAT is scary! The stack of funnels isn’t QUITE as cute as the one on Pineterest, but pretty cool anyway! I still need to find a base that I like.


  4. Cleaning the studio is on my list this week too… running out of space to work :0)

    • So nice to have company. I’m just buried in partially finished projects! I think I’ve come down with a case of elderly onset ADD…is there such a thing?



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