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Day #25 CED and Revisiting Clutter

As a part of our visit to our home in Mt. Shasta this past weekend, we worked some more on reducing clutter. OMG. We have been major pack rats. I think it is because we were both poor kids, and appreciate the value of things. We hate to throw away stuff that still has useful life, ESPECIALLY since history has shown us that as soon as we dispose of something, we can bet we’ll need it!

Anyway, I am only estimating, but I think I am now up over 500 things in my goal of getting rid of a minimum of 1000. It really felt good to see a couple of trash cans full, and another  huge pile heading to the dump.

When we bought our new home, I was bound and determined to keep it organized and un-stuffed. I don’t know what happened. Well, I take that back, I sorta do. I was doing pretty good until we realized we were, in all likelihood, not ever going to live in the Mt. Shasta house again. Leaving things that were important to us up there seemed like a bad idea, and really, having the space there was keeping us from making the hard decisions we needed to be making. So, we began moving things down into this house. Before I knew it, I had lost control over the “stuff!”

Anyway, in addition to thinning out stuff by tossing it away, we also brought another load of things back down here…mostly stuff like extra laundry detergent, shampoo…boring stuff. I can’t believe how quickly it adds up and how much room it takes up.

My creativity today involved finding ways of fitting more stuff into the same shelves and closets. Ha! I can think of ways to express my creativity that are much more fun, but sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do. It DOES feel good to reducing the clutter up there, but man, I need to get this place more organized, too. There just are not enough hours in the day.

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  1. I have a new habit: every Tuesday is trash pickup day and so I make myself find one thing anywhere in the house to throw away. Today it’s some dead branches from a backyard plant and (don’t tell) I’m recycling some of my daughter’s scribbled papers. There are so many!


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