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Day #22 CED and Trippin’ Down Memory Lane

I spent the day today baking cakes then frosting them in preparation for Joshua’s birthday party tomorrow.

What a challenge staying out of the batter and frosting was! But in keeping with my desire to stay off of sugar, I was bound and determined not to even let a nibble in my mouth.

Oh, the temptation!

Then I realized I had forgotten to put the vanilla in the batch of frosting for the base coat… So, a tiny little taste was necessary. Hmmm. Not too bad. I think with it added to the decorating frosting it will be okay. Whew! Disaster averted.

Two large round layers frosted, and the dinosaur prepped on top, and the decorating began…

Way too many hours later, it was finally done. I don’t know how anyone does this for a living!

And the trip down memory lane? My son and his wife and son are living in the house we raised him and his sister in. They are giving to thought to moving back down to Sonoma so he can go back to school. He is unable to find a job in his field, so he’s looking at a second degree. That leaves us considering selling the house once again. It is just too much work for us any more, and too far to go for a weekend trip.

I thought I was good with selling it. The interior has been completely remodeled since the kids left home, and looks little like it did when they lived there. But all the upgrades were just what I wanted, back before I realized we never live here again. And then I wandered around out in the backyard, and began misting up.  I put tons of blood (yes, actual blood!) sweat and tears into putting in the gardens after our trip to Scotland and seeing the fabulous gardens there. There is the tree we planted when Hannah was born, the swing set my kids played on as children, and is now used by the grand kids. My hyacinth vines are getting bigger and winding beautifully up the trellis. I have a rusty old gate that I’m not sure will fit in my garden in my new home, but I don’t know how I can part with it. Maybe I can make it fit if I get rid of some of the newer pieces? I don’t know. It’s hard.

Having this place has made it unnecessary to make decisions about getting rid of all the stuff from our old life. The table we sat around for so many breakfasts and dinners. The collection of old bottles that fill the spacious bookcases. Even the mixer I used to make Joshua’s cake was a wedding gift from over 40 years ago.

I have a new house, filled with matching stuff that I picked out in keeping with my current taste. I have little room to bring these old things into the new environment. And when I’m sitting in my recliner in my new house, I feel content. I love my new house. I love my new “stuff.” I’m not wishing it was all the old things I’m looking at.

So why is it so hard to let it all go?

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  1. Just take lots of good photos and start a special album for memories from this house. I know it’s easier said than done. I could kick myself for getting rid of items that I never should have gotten rid of a few years ago, but there’s nothing to do about this now other than maybe I’ll do a blog posting about this someday.

    • What kinds of things are you talking about, Carol? I’d like to learn from the mistakes you made!


      • Long story short, we HAD to get rid of a ton of items and everything happened so quickly. There were old postcards and other memorabilia and God knows what else. I wasn’t doing any art at the time and it was shortly after my mother died and we THOUGHT our house had sold. We were going to have an estate sale but even that fell through. Maybe when I’m hard up for a blog posting I’ll have to post this story some day.

  2. What a wonderful job of decorating the dinosaur cake! Your grandson is very lucky to have such a talented grandma:)

  3. Love the cake, Janet. I totally get the hard stuff with letting go of our stuff. That is why I am a junk gypsy at heart.

    • Thanks, Rae! I guess I’m a junk gypsy, too! I just can’t tell in advance what things I’m going to feel awful parting with, and which things I won’t. But, the time is coming when I’m going to have to make decisions! Physics will win out in the end.



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