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Day #21 CED – On The Road Again!

Another travel day…

Headed up to the mountains for our grandson’s birthday party.

Yesterday I ran all over town trying to find the cake pan I needed for his dinosaur cake. Silly me, I thought it was going to be easy, but I was wrong. I had about decided to just use a rectangular cake and draw out the dinosaur, but was feeling so guilty about failing on plan A. So, I called Hobby Lobby (my absolute last place to try!) just on the off chance that they might have it, and lo and behold they did. I dashed out to grab the last one in the whole area! Woohoo! Maybe my love affair with Hobby Lobby isn’t QUITE over!

Hard to believe all this stuff will turn into a darling cake!

Joshy had a prize for me! They were at the nursery getting flowers and mommy saw these metal flowers. She said we should get this for Gaga (pointing to a brown one) and Josh said, “No, Gaga likes red, we need to get her the red one!”

What a sweetie pie!

Then I got to meet Bootsie, my new grandkitty! She’s a sweetie pie, too. Gawgs picked her up and she started purring! I felt so loved!

Can’t wait to start on cake bakin’ and decoratin’ in the morning!

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  1. So nice to meet your grandson. How old is he going to be? Obviously he knows what his
    Gaga loves.

  2. Such a fun Gaga! I hope you will share a pic of the cake . . .

  3. Can’t wait to see that yummy cake!

  4. Sounds like such fun! I do hope to have “grands” some day.


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