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Day #19 CED – How Do You Cope?

We all have our coping mechanisms. The things we do that get us through hard times.

Mine is that I am able to compartmentalize things. If there is something I can’t deal with, I have a place in my mind where I store it until I am able to. I picture it much like a bank vault where they keep the safe deposit boxes.

This is the organized part of my brain (the other part looks more like an office with all the file drawers emptied out all over the floor, but we’ll save that for another day!)

Each box holds something that I’m not quite ready to let go of yet, but that would be be too paralyzing if I kept them out where I can see them all the time.

I married Mr. Tattered when I was only nineteen, and he had a dangerous job. Every day (or night) when he left for work, I never knew if it was the last time I would see him. I think that is when I started using the boxes. I just tucked the fear in there where I couldn’t see it, and I didn’t have to look at it until I wanted to.

Then I learned that in addition to keeping fears in there, I could keep hurts and worries, too. And over the years, I filled many of them.

When my brother was killed in a motorcycle accident, my grief got stuffed in one.

My kids each grew up to also have dangerous jobs, and into the boxes my fears related to them were stored as well.

When my mom died, more grief stored away. When my daughter died, same thing.

Each box has a lock, and mostly I have to mentally use the key to get these things out when I need to visit. Once in awhile I toss something, never to be worried about again, but mostly they are just in there, tucked away. Waiting.

Sometimes to the casual observer, I am “too” able to not think about things. I may seem, at times, like something that should be bothering me a lot, doesn’t. And that isn’t the case at all. It just means I’ve put it in its box so that I can function.

Yeah, I know. Nothing creative going on today – been too busy stuffing things into boxes.

Do you have a coping mechanism? How is it working for you?

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  1. Wow–not sure how good my coping mechanisms are though–but I tend to talk to people about my problems, maybe too much at times. I also think about them over and over–how’s that for coping? 🙂 I do try to breathe a lot while I’m worried or stressed because I notice I hold my breath a lot as well…I’m now also learning to pray and ask for help in coping with things that just seem too overwhelming for me–sometimes it does give me peace to reach out to God but I’m still having trouble being a true believer, but it often gives me peace of mind feeling as if I’ve given over my problems and don’t need to focus on them anymore.


    • I don’t know why, but I always tend to try and work it out myself first, and call on God only when I can’t. Doesn’t seem to make much sense. He wants us to lean on Him.


  2. **fellow stuffer here** ❤ to you, my friend! xxo

  3. So what happens when the day arrives when you have no more excuses not to sort through those boxes? Danger is gone…nobody has died recently…life is good… What then? What happens when it is time to face all that pain…all the little bits of pain that accumulated over so many years that now add up to a whole lot of pain? Will you call upon the Universe to rescue you? To create a diversion? To give you something else to put in a box and keep the bank closed?


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