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Day #18 CED – Today I’m Creating Memories

We met up with the kids (and some friends of the family) in South Lake Tahoe this morning. They’ve been camping for a few days, so we went out (from the comfort of our rented condo!) to see their set up and visit.

It was pretty impressive. They have invested in a lot of equipment to make camping less rigorous, but it’s still a little primitive for us!

The girls have obviously been having a blast! Bea is the head pine cone collector, and is very good at it. She very carefully tried to avoid getting sap on her hands, and enlisted Gaga’s help carrying them.

We had a nice morning hiking and just hangin’ out.

Later in the evening Da’ wanted to show the girls a big ol’ giant yellow jacket nest. On the way, Hannah got cold and I zipped her into my jacket! But the laughing didn’t last long, ‘cuz Hannah got stung by one of said yellow jackets…

Fortunately she had no allergic reaction. It took lots of ice and cortizone cream, but she finally calmed down. Poor dear.

I love these little trips, and look forward to many more – but without the yellow jackets!

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. What great family photos, so sorry for the bee sting though!

  2. What fun! So marvelous that you are creating such wonderful memories with your family – there is nothing better! xo

  3. Beautiful!! How tall is your husband or how short are you?? He looks like a giant!


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