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Day #11 CED – Oh No!

Do you ever have one of those days when you take a good hard look at your to do list for the day, do a little math and realize that there ain’t no way, no how, you’re going to get it all done?

That’s where I’m at!

So, I started scratchin’ things off one by one, some because they were done, but others because something had to give.

I’m leaving first thing in the morning for the Junk Bonanza Retreat in Minnesota, and there are so many things I wanted to do before I leave. BUT, there are only so many hours in a day. I doubt the ladies at the retreat care if my hair is cut, or my pedicure fresh, or a top purchased to go with the darling vest I wanted to wear, so they  got bounced, as did the chocolate chip cookies I was going to bake (probably just as well – what are the chances I could have resisted them? I make REALLY good chocolate chip cookies!)

But the Inspiration Decks HAD to go out. I just couldn’t make the ladies in my art group wait any longer, so I busted my booty getting them “finished” (that’s a whole ‘nuther story I’ll keep for another day!) and all but the four I’m taking with me to the retreat and another four I needed to check addresses on went out today. Mr. Tattered will mail the three that are ready for me tomorrow, then the one I’m still waiting for an address for, when it comes in. And I never made it to the grocery store for the last few things he needed for while I’m gone, so he’s going to do that! Whew! Cross those off!

Picked the girls up at school, and brought them home to finish off their ATCs and get them in the mail. They each held their own envelope and we walked them down to the mail box. So sweet! They can hardly wait to get the ones back from”the artist ladies!” So…checked that off.

And I got a couple of casseroles made for Mr. Tattered. He said I didn’t need to, but that is one of my few unbreakable rules for myself – when I leave on these little trips, I insist that I leave him with a relatively clean house and food ready to warm up. So, there is a chile relleno casserole in the oven as we speak, and a white bean, artichoke heart and goat cheese casserole in the fridge. Another item checked off the list.

I went to the credit union, printed my itinerary and texted my flight info to my friend Kris, who will be driving two+ hours to pick me up at the airport – what a sweetheart!

The suitcases are down off the shelf in the garage, but not packed (that will have to wait ’till morning.) All my “special” food I’m taking (in hopes of coming home at LEAST not having gained any weight!) is set out, but I still have some decisions to make on clothes and shoes to take. At least the laundry is done, so I have stuff to choose from and clean underwear! Heeheehee!

Lord have mercy! Just remembered I’m supposed to take some tools for a class while I’m there…wonder what they were!?

BUT, I’m getting my blog post up! At least I have my priorities straight!

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  1. I’ve gotcha covered on the tools my friend!!! Cannot wait to see you and hug you!!! Travel safely! See ya soon!!! Yay! Yay! Yay & a Hip hip hooray!

    Kris Binsfeld

    • Thanks on the tools, Kris! For the life of me I can’t remember, so I was just going to throw in a couple of types of pliers and wire cutters! It’s nearly midnight and my eyes are wide open. I can hardly even THINK about sleeping I’m so excited! If I had chocolate chips, I’d make cookies!

  2. Oh Janet! you are too funny! I can just see you running around getting everything done. I am sure all will survive and still be there when you return. Have a wonderful trip and hug all the Fly Girls for me! Oh and I would love to have your artichoke recipe ~ add it to your list when you get home LOL!

  3. Have fun Spare Mom!!! Love you!


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