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Day#8 CED – I’m In Heaven!

Today I got to use my new jig saw. I REALLY shouldn’t have. My to do list is so long and filled with things I NEED to do. It felt a little naughty, but I rationalized that I’ve been working so hard, that I deserved it. I DO need to feed my soul, right?

I had sooooo much fun getting out and cutting and sanding wood. I’m starting with just blocks of wood that I’ll be doing some mixed media on, but it gave me hope that I can get back into doing the fancier stuff I used to love so much!

I wanted to leave the wood pretty rough, so I gave it just a quick sanding…

…then gave it a coat of gesso.

I could hardly bear to stop, but I have sooooo many things to do before I leave for Minnesota for the Junk Bonanza next week, that I HAD to pull myself away and get to my to do list.

I’ll try to sneak in a bit more tomorrow!

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  1. Ahhh, nothing like the smell of wood and sawdust; who needs Old Spice! LOL! ( I am a 2nd generation sawdust breather; my dad was a Class A woodworker….it gets in your blood.! 🙂

    • Or at least in your lungs! I don’t know where I got it from, but walking down the aisles in a lumber yard breathing deep is one of the simple pleasures in life…


  2. I’m so glad you got to do that today! I remember how much you used to love working with wood. I remember your saws set up in the back of the store with layers of saw dust all over. Love you.

    • Hahahaha! Which is totally why I can’t have a full wood shop now! Dad would NEVER stand for the mess in his garage! So, I’m going for a smaller, more portable version.



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