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Day #7 and a New Toy!

Another step forward today, but 1st a quick bit of background…

I began my serious art career doing painting on wood – cutting out my own designs with a jig saw in my backyard, sanding with a hand sander, painting them, and selling them at craft shows.

Once I owned my own store (My Favorite Things) I expanded my tools to include a band saw, scroll saw, chop saw, belt sander and drill press – a regular wood shop that I just loved. I was rarely happier than when I was turning 8′ lengths of wood into treasures for people’s homes. The smell of wood was like perfume.

When I sold my store over 6 years ago, I sold my wood-working tools with it, not seeing how I would ever need them again. Well. I seriously wish I hadn’t. I miss them so much. Not that I really have room for them any more, but I have been trying more and more frequently to think outside the box about how to get back into my woodwork, and combine it with my new love of mixed media.

Yesterday I mentioned the wood I want to paint, if only I could figure out how to cut it. Well, it is both a step forward and a step back, but I bought myself a new toy.

Yeah, it’s not a band saw, but it’ll cut the wood I need to cut, and not take up too much space. I’m so excited to get out and cut up some of it in the morning and soak up the fragrance of fresh cut wood!

Baby steps.

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. Janet,

    I am so excited for you to start working with wood again!! I never knew that about you!! That is so awesome!

    Cannot wait to see your gorgeous work!! And I am even more excited to pick you up from the airport in Minnesota in a handful of days!!! 🙂

    Kris Binsfeld

  2. I love working with wood, too! Can’t wait to see what all you’ll create for show and tell for all of us!


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