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Day #6 CED and Attitude

Day #6, although not AS artistic a day as I had hoped it would be, was closer than it COULD have been.

I ran into some technical problems that had to be addressed, and they pretty much sucked up the day.

I was able to pilfer some scrap wood from a local construction site to cut down for the little “pumpkin” project I want to do with the sketches I started yesterday.

I’m so excited to get going on them (if I can figure out how to get the wood cut without a wood shop.) Hmmm.

On another note, I was thinking a bit today about the effect of attitude on our lives.

I’ve addressed this a couple of times, because I truly believe that attitude is one of the very few things we can control in this world. But usually I’m addressing it from the position of changing our attitude from negative to positive. This week I had something come up that took mine from positive to negative, and I’ve gotten a little lesson on how how hard it is to change it once you let the negativity in.

We have a hill near our house that leads from a neighborhood into a natural area where lots of widlife can be found. We have deer, turkeys, coyotes, racoons, and lots of assorted small rodents, snakes, etc.

One of our neighbors mentioned seeing a huge buck coming off the hill and into the neighborhood last week.

Well, we noticed that there is now something that we thought was a game trail coming down the hill, and although it looks sorta like a scar on the hillside, we thought it was pretty cool that enough animals were coming off the hill to have made the trail. What could be perceived as ugly, wasn’t in that context.

Well, I could have gone all year without discovering that it was not a trail made by the animals. Some guy did it with a rake to make a trail for his mountain bike. Seriously? 1st of all, how does someone take it upon themselves to go onto community property and do something like that?

But more importantly, it took what was a pretty cool thing, and made it ugly. I drive by it multiple times every single day, and every single day, instead of thinking how cool it is we have so many animals living up there, I think about that jerk and how rude and presumptive it was of him to do that to the hill.

Nothing changed but my attitude. And I can’t seem to get over it. I find that very interesting.

So now I need a reverse attitude adjustment!

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  1. I love pumpkins! Can’t wait to see what you are working on. I won’t be able to have a carved pumpkin on my patio here in Colorado. I live to close to nature (which I wouldn’t trade for any pumpkin) and the little (and big) critters would make a meal out of it in no time.

    As for the trail the guy made, is the hill private property? If so, I think the owner should stand out there and wait on him with a rake and tell him to put it back the way it was. I’m sure there are plenty of designated trails for mountain bikers.

    • There are great fake jack-o-lanterns available now, if you really want one, Ann! As for the property owner, I’m not really sure. It is a huge “green belt” area that can never be built on. I’m not sure if whoever “owns” it even cares.



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