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Day #4 CED and a Look Back

Well, my day looked completely different than what I expected it to look like!

For starters, the girl’s daddy didn’t have to work, so they stayed with him today, and no ATC painting got done!

And the morning got off to a much lazier start than the mornings when I have the girls.

Over a leisurely cup of coffee, I went back over my posts from Art Every Day last year to see what I was up to back then that made it possible for me to do a post every day for a whole month on what I had accomplished artistically. I was one busy girl. Whew! I was exhausted just reading about it! I ended up reading about three hours worth of posts. I had to laugh at myself…there are people who like to hear themselves talk – I like to read my own writing. So although I didn’t do a single artistic thing all morning, I had quite a nice time!

As far as doing “art” goes, the projects I am working on, aren’t ones I can show you yet, which makes posting about it a little difficult! I may have picked an unfortunate time to decide to make my own little creative month, but I’m not going to give up just yet!

So what does a busy girl when she has more to do than she has time to do it in? She goes shopping for more supplies, of course!

I was at the gym exercising away. And because I hate it so much, I have to go somewhere else in my mind, and I remembered that Michael’s was having a big sale and I had some great coupons. So as soon as my hour of cardio was up, I headed over and treated myself to a few treasures. Well. More than a few. Quite a few. I couldn’t help it.

Stamps and stickers were on sale for 40% off, PLUS I had a coupon for an additional 15% off everything including sale items, so I got some really good prices! But, practically speaking, I ended up with more projects on my plate than I had before! But, hopefully it result in something I can show you!

Perhaps one of my most exciting purchases was the Creating Keepsakes special issue for Mixed Media Scrapbooking! Yikers!

Talk about right up my alley! I can hardly wait to look it over! Again, great fodder for possible posts! I hope my excitement will translate into actual completed projects!

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. oh, I hope I can get the magazine here in Australia…crossing my fingers.
    Love your posts by the way.


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