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Day #3 CED and SO Many Magazines!

Today is day #3 of my own special month dedicated to getting myself back in the habit of creating every day.

I did more planning once again than I did actual creating, but I did get half of the Inspiration Decks put together. They look so cool lined up in the dining room. I can hardly wait for the girls in my art group to see them all finished!

Once again I got lost in my Somerset Magazines for hours! I have soooooo many, and I am just not ready to part with them. They make my heart smile! Now if can just translate all the inspiration I get from them into action!

Tomorrow is ATC day with Hannah! Yay! She is so excited to participate in a grown-up swap.

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. Janet,
    I have to ask – what is this inspiration deck you have been speaking of?Perhaps I missed an earlier post.

    • My art group (from Flying Lessons) is doing it. I am hostessing it. It involves doing “altered playing cards.” Each participant does a whole deck of 52 cards each with the same saying on it, sends them to me, and I collate new 52 card decks each with 52 different sayings, and send them back. It’s a blast!


  2. I was starting to think that the inspiration deck didn’t exist! Can’t wait to get mine;)


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