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Day #2 CED (Creative Every Day!)

It’s a little difficult to discuss my creative day when it is spent doing creative things that can’t really be discussed. Yet.

And because of that, it is easy for me to finish the day off feeling like I have been a creative slug, when I really haven’t.

I worked on pages for the e-zine (that I can’t show you) and put together Inspiration Decks (that I can’t show you, either.) And I wrote a blog post for my political blog (which was pretty darn good writing, if I do say so myself) but I can’t share that with you without alienating a portion of my audience that is either a-political or disagrees with my politics, so that’s out.

When I DID finally make my way into the studio (with every intention of actually painting a bit) I ended up straightening and organizing  again. What ever happened to the girl who could create in the middle of whatever disastrous mess was there? I have clear memories of making jewelry on the floor of my bedroom where you could barely walk for all the clothes and other debris thrown around when I was a teen-ager! Now all of a sudden I need neat. Seriously. If I need a neat and tidy environment in order to create, I may as well forget the whole thing – me and neatness just don’t live in the same world. The closest I came to painting was counting out the blanks for the ATCs Hannah and I need to work on on Monday.

I set up a twitter account in my business/art name (@tatterednworn) and even stalked a few people, but have yet to tweet myself. The whole concept of tweeting just seems like an even worse waste of time than Facebook. What was I thinking? It would be stretching to consider that creative.

And I worked on a to do list of creative projects that I have started and want/need to finish? Does that count?

Then I did laundry, went to the gym, put some pictures in frames, sorted through a stack of luscious magazines trying to pare them down (no such luck – just came up with ten more things I want to make!) My “fantasy” creative life is much more active right now than my “actual” one! Oh, well, you have to dream it before you can do it! Heeheehee!

So, although it was only marginally creative, my day was productive. Maybe I should change the name of my month to “Productive Every Day.”

Nah, I’ll stick with “Creative.” A slow start is better than none.

About tatterednworn

I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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