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Sort, Toss, Organize

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I’ve been in sort, toss and organize mode around here today! Still working on my “1000 things.”

This round started with losing the hole punch and dumping a big basket of paperwork looking for it a couple of night ago. I sorted some of it immediately, but piles were still laying around, including a bunch of magazines. Well, you can’t just throw magazines away without going through them first, right? So I had to search page by page to make sure there was nothing I NEEDED to keep.

The Christmas magazine had a few cute display ideas, and a set of boxes I think I need. I did a quick e-mail to see if they are still available. There were about ten scrapbook magazines…surprisingly I only tore a few ideas out of them, and out they went. The gardening magazines? Ummmm…couldn’t part with them, so I made room on the bookshelf for them.

One of the magazines was a collection of storage ideas for studios. I almost just kept the whole thing, but in my new spirit of tossing things I’m not using, I flipped through it, and found a few really good ideas, tore them out and THEN tossed it. One of the ideas seemed like such a good one I went immediately into the workroom and tried it.

Normally I store my paints upright in what used to be CD crates, re-purposed into stacking shelves. They’re kind of a pain because the paints were stored 3 deep, and it was hard to see what I had.

The new idea called for storing them on their sides, so you can see the bottom of the bottles. This allows for seeing immediately what you have, and even better makes room for even MORE paints!

Oh, yeah, I’m supposed to be thinning down, not making room for more!

Anyway, I’m sorta enjoying all this organizing for the moment. Wonder how long it will last!

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  1. Thanks for sharing that paint idea – I am going up to my studio to try it myself – sometimes it is just the simplest things! I loved the missing hole punch post too – I am always losing my favorite bone folder, which usually results in my cleaning too – I have others but I don’t like them as much!

  2. Nice post, Janet! Good idea with the paint bottles. I actually repurposed an old dresser, and added plastic baskets from the dollar store. My paint bottles slip in upside down so I can see what color they are. The baskets fit into the drawers of the dresser, so my clutter stays out of sight. Thanks for the tips, and glad you found your punch! 🙂

  3. You are an inspiration to me! Thanks for sharing your great organizing ideas. – Heidi

  4. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing!


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