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I have a Confession…

Well, a couple of them actually.

First, if you are here for the blog hop, you can find my “Giving Back, Giving Flight” blog here…but feel free to visit here as well! It’s confession day…

Okay, so my confession. Yesterday I lost something. If you read my post, you may have noticed that I never actually SAID what the something was, and you might have wondered what it was, and why I didn’t give it a name. Well, it was a hole punch. And the reason I didn’t name it was because I was afraid it was with the last Inspiration Deck I punched, and that it was missing, as well, which would have made me feel TERRIBLE, but more than that would have unnecessarily worried the girls who are participating for fear it was their deck that ran away with the hole punch!

As part of my investigation into the missing punch, I recounted the decks, and like TEN were missing! So I knew immediately that the punch was with them in the box of cards I had taken with me to Lake Tahoe to work on, and went right to it! Woohoo! Whew! Crisis averted! And without buying a new punch. I wonder why they are so hard to find all of a sudden???

My other confession? Oh, my. I went a little crazy in the shopping department today. In fact the loot is still in the back of the car because I hated to come in looking like I’d been Christmas shopping!

I actually found a store not too awfully far away (okay, so it’s further than I would consider my normal range, but a girl’s gotta do what a girls gotta do!) that carries Kelly Rae Robert’s Demdaco stuff. I am the proud new owner of a figurine, a darling “take flight” bag, a 2013 calendar, and a sweet little tablet.

But that wasn’t all, they also had a really cute display stand I had to have, AND they also have a really nice art section, and their golden paints and other artist products were on sale, since I have a painting class coming up with a huge supply list attached, I stocked up.

But then I followed that up with a visit to Hobby Lobby, and turns out, I’m not as over it as I thought. I wasn’t as bad as I’ve been before, but I didn’t strike out either. Three of my new treasures were picture frames (I can’t believe I bought more!!!) Then a few more art supplies off my list, and a really cool metal container to store my copic markers in.

Looks like I’ve got room for LOTS more! Bummer!

It’s been quite awhile since I had a big shopping day, and I have to say, it was fun. Now I REALLY need to get back to “creating!”

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  1. How cool to see my cards in that box. I even showed my husband, as he helped me make a decision about them. I feel famous right now!

  2. Where did you find the Kelly Rae goodies???

  3. Sounds like an awesome time, Janet! Wish I’d been there.

  4. I leave purchases in the car too so as not to look like I spent too much money. Lol. I’m giddy just looking and hearing about your trip. Fun, fun, fun!!

  5. I’m guilty of those types of shopping trips too ……I am totally in love with that metal tub…just may be making a trip to Hobby Lobby REAL soon :0)

    • I’m tending to lean more toward the real thing these days, rather than “made to look old” stuff, but this was too perfect! I knew as soon as I laid eyes on it my copics were going in there! Hope you can find it! Be sure to take your 40% coupon. It’s normally $39.99, but I got $16 off! LOVE getting things at a discount!


  6. Shop girl, shop! I love shopping. I think when I had the store and went on buying trips, I just felt like I was shopping till I dropped. Oh, and glad you found the punch and missing cards. Freak out moment for sure.

    • That was my absolute favorite part of having my store, as well! I just loved closing out a line I was tired of, and going on to the next new, wonderful thing. I have not been able to duplicate that experience in “real life.”



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