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I Think It Grew Legs and Walked Away

If you are here for the blog hop, you can find my “Giving Back, Giving Flight” blog here…but feel free to visit here as well! I’ve had a crazy day!

Far too much of my time today was spent “looking” for something.

It’s not a terribly important something, but I know I have it, and I need it to finish a project. But I can’t find it.

The worst part is that if it is missing, there’s a good chance it is with something that IS important, and that has me a little nervous.

So, I went on a bit of a tear around the house looking for it. In rational places, first, to no avail. Then in irrational places. Still nothing. There just aren’t that many places in this little house for it to be.

So, I finally gave up and went out to buy a new one. I really don’t like re-buying things I know I already have. What the heck? Now I can’t even FIND one of them! Now this isn’t some weird thing that no one has ever heard of, it’s a normal thing that most everyone, but especially a scrapbooker, would have. Anyway, I exhausted every place I could think of in this town, and gave up for the day.

Tomorrow I’ll have to go out of town if I haven’t come across it by then.

So, I have this basket where I kinda shove stuff to make it look like I have control over my mess in the family room. I decided it was possible I had shoved the lost thing in there. The poor basket is even a testament to my tendency to start projects and not finish them.

Note the browns and reds on the bottom of the basket and the pastels on the top? It started out pastel, but that doesn’t match my new decor, so I started the laborious task of tearing fabric strips and recovering the whole thing. I don’t know what possessed me to think THAT was a good idea, but you can see how far I got before I lost interest…yet another thing to add to my to do list.

Anyway, I decided as long as I was looking through all that junk, I may as well sort and toss (still trying to rid myself of unnecessary stuff!) Good grief! I really am a pack rat. Half of it was trash I didn’t want to take the time to deal with, so I just shoved it in there.

An hour later I have a big mess AND I still haven’t found the darn THING!

I’m pretty sure it grew legs and walked away.

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  1. Hahahaha! I do exactly the same thing, Janet! It always makes such a huge mess when I decide to clear stuff out, which sort of defeats the purpose of the clear out! I need a huge empty warehouse, and a moving truck. Then I can sit a sort to my hearts content…

  2. Usually, when I get to that point, I can’t remember what I was looking for in the first place. I can spend whole days like this!

    And, I’ve done that whole thing of starting a project with one fabric and running out and ending with another. Ughhh. . . but, you gotta use what you have sometimes. 🙂

    Shari 🙂

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