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September ATCs

If you are here for the blog hop, you can find my “Giving Back, Giving Flight” blog here…but feel free to visit here as well! I’m showing off my granddaughter!

I don’t think I’ve ever posted a blog about ATCs BEFORE I do them, but this coming up one is special.

Probably most of you know what they are, but just in case we have new visitors today, ATCs are Artist Trading Cards – little 2 1/2″ x 3″ works of art that a group of us trade every month. Each month there is a new theme. And you can do them in whatever medium you want. There are only two rules – the size, and you have to trade them, not sell them.

We’ve been doing it for nearly a year, and it is so much fun.

But what makes this next month special to me is who will be participating.

My granddaughter, Hannah – age 7, blossoming artist – is really into art. She LOVES the ATCs and every month tries to bum them off of me. This time she asked if she could do it with me. So, I went to the group to see if anyone would like to trade a card with her, so she could do it, too.

The response blew me away! Very shortly, 7 of these special ladies had volunteered to trade a card with her! She is over the moon excited, and already thinking about what she could do for the theme “Harvest.”

Normally, I would wait until I had my cards ready to share to post about them, but I was too excited – I had to share the good news with y’all!

But, rest assured, you’ll be seeing them when they’re done. Heeheehee!

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  1. This is so exciting!

  2. Oh Thats so wonderful she wants to create and swap ATC’s like her gram:) How cute!


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