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Junk = Love

I don’t think this is the first time I’ve mentioned that I LOVE junk. Not crap, junk.

And what’s the difference, you ask?

Crap is stuff that was junk when it was made. Junk is stuff that was once upon a time really good stuff, well-made stuff, back in the day, but has become rusty or otherwise unattractive to some people, but that is a wildly fabulous find to others (and I would be one of the others.)

I am signed up to go to the “Junk Bonanza” in Shakopee, MN in September an I can hardly wait. Seriously, the day just can’t come quickly enough.

But my friend Kris has decided to torture me by posting pictures of a junk show she went to this weekend that has some of the same vendors – I almost hyperventilated looking at them.

Seriously? Is this not one of the COOLEST things ever? They are letters made out of old ceiling tiles. I’m dead. Now I’m almost scared to go.

Photo credit – Kris Lanae Binsfeld

Not only am I going to the show, but said friend, Kris, and another friend, Linda, have put together a retreat attached to the Junk Bonanza that includes early bird tickets to the show, plus a class, a special field trip and lots of girlfriend time. I’m so excited I could pee. I have Christmas money and birthday money saved, and a credit card. This could be very dangerous.

Oh, and before I close, last week my granddaughter, Hannah, asked, “Gaga, when are we goin’ junkin’ again?” I nearly melted! Wish I could take her with me, but something tells me Mama wouldn’t be too happy about pulling her out of school to go across the country to a junk show with Gawgs. Maybe some day.

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  1. We are going to have soooooooooooooo much fun!!

  2. Wish I were going, but how would I get all my goodies home?? I’ll be going to a big flea market on Labor Day instead, which will be less than a 30 minute drive from our cottage. Hope to find lots of goodies there.

  3. hope you have a blast!

  4. I am so excited about Live, Love, JUNK and spending some fantastic time with you!!! I am sorry for making you go crazy! Thanks for the linkback! Super stoked and only a handful of weeks away! Yahooooooo!

  5. Oh, yeah. I have a lot of beautiful Junk!


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