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Inchies??? Copics???

Have you never heard of “inchies?”

Ha! Neither had I until one of my besties in my ATC group started doing them. She does a hop every week, “Every Inchie Monday,” with a different theme every week, where everyone shares their inchie…it’s a tiny little piece of art one inch square (and I thought ATCs were small!) You have no idea how small one square inch is until you try to paint on it!

This month our ATC group decided to add an inchie to our challenge to see what everyone thought about them.

I was skert! Those tiny little things are intimidating at first.

Our theme for the ATCs this month was “learning” so I carried the same through onto my inchie.


You can see how small they are in comparison to the already small 2 1/2″ x 3″ ATC.

But, I was able to even incorporate a little mixed media.

The apples are done with my new loves “copic markers.” I’d been hearing about these for awhile now, but they are so dang expensive ($6.50 apiece – for a marker!) I’ve been holding out. But then I found them at a stampin’ store for $5.25  right after payday, so gave into buying 20 of them. Yeah 20! You try looking at all those luscious colors and try to come away with less than that! I dare ya! Just discovered that they carry them at DickBlick for $5.24. You will croak when you see how many colors are available on their color chart.

The copics are quit bright, but translucent, and go on right over modpodge with an amazing effect. I’m not very good at freehand drawing, but they made me look much better than I am!

So, inchies, and copics – my two new loves!



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  1. Welcome to the world of inchies, Janet, I just know you will have a blast! I have dreamed of trying the copics, but the cost just freaks me out! I should try e-bay…Great job on your first inchie, and the ATC looks great too!

    • Thank you so much for the introduction! I have friends that order whatever I do at restaurants because I never steer them wrong – when it comes to art projects, you never steer me wrong! I’ll just have what you’re having!


  2. I have heard of these but have never given them a try. They do look like fun though! Love the brightness of those copics too, you are getting my creative juices drooling….

  3. So glad you finally broke down and bought a “few”. Aren’t they the best!! Now inchies are a whole other story for me, not going there any time soon.


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