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This Is The Last Day…

I’ve been a slug for too long.

I’ve been blaming it on my back, and it does still hurt, but I’ve found I can push through the pain if there is something I really want to do. Exercise just hasn’t been one of them.

I’m done with that.

Today I started back on my exerspy band with dotfit.

It’s a monitor you wear 24/7 except when you are in the shower, that records how many calories you use during the day, along with how many steps you take (with the goal being 10,000 a day.) Then you use a computer program, transfer the info from the band onto the program, tell it how many calories you ate, and it will track your weight loss. You set up a program that allows you to set a goal weight and it will tell you how many weeks it will take to get to your goal. Then you can adjust your calories and/or your activity level to keep yourself on target. It is a GREAT way to keep yourself accountable.

I used it last year and lost quite a bit of weight, but then I got lazy and fell behind, then broke my ankle and the whole program went out the window. I toyed with the idea of starting up again while we were in Hawaii, but fiddle-farted around, then hurt my back in the rafting accident and that was that. It has taken me all this time to get my mind right and get started again. I dug out my band and charged it up and reloaded my program…then held my breath to see if I would follow through.

So, today was day one. And it got off to a rough start.

By mid-day I had taken very few steps. I did a bit of walking running errands, but by 5:00pm it was pretty obvious I wasn’t going to make it even half way, even if I forced myself to take a walk. I had watched my calories very well, but I was going to be a huge failure in the steps department. And out of nowhere I decided to try. I might not make it all the way to 10,000, but I was at least going to get to 5,000, then work on improving tomorrow.

So, at 8:20 after it had cooled down to a tolerable temperature, I set off, iphone and headset in hand. Rockin’ out to a little Katy Perry I started up the hill. By about the halfway point of our neighborhood loop, I was in the zone. My back hurt, but the endorphins were counteracting it, and as long as I kept putting one foot in front of the other (with a dance move thrown in every now and then) it wasn’t overpowering. When I got back to the house I checked my monitor and I was at 7000 steps. Hmmmm. I wondered if I had it in me to keep going.

It was dark by now, and that, along with not knowing how long my back would hold out made me think I’d better stay pretty close to home, so I started going around and around the cul-de-sac at the top of the hill. There was a nice breeze up there, and when it hit the sweat on the back of my neck had a cooling effect. I stepped it up to some Pittbull, listening to the same song over and over, walkin’ and dancin’, dancin’ and walkin’ and before long I was at 9000, and knew I was going to make it!

Not the greatest picture, but it shows the results! 10, 228 steps. Woohoo!

Yep, I kinda rock!

So now, as I sit here, I’m tired, but very proud of myself for forcing myself to do it. For requiring more of myself.

I’m sure there are going to be set backs. Days I just can’t make myself get out and do it. Or days that I stuff my face more than I wanted to. But I have one under my belt, and that one is the hardest.

One of my girlies (who is working on her own weight loss program) said that her new mantra is “This is the last day I will be this fat.”

I like it, so I’m stealing it. This is the last day I will be this fat. And I will keep saying it every day until I’m where I want to be!

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  1. Great inspiration!!!! I needed that, thanks!!! I applaud your pushing through this!


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