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Normal Is A Setting On The Dryer

I’ve had several people ask me how I find the material for my blogs.

It comes from a variety of places. Sometimes it’s just something that is on my mind, sometimes a result of reading or watching something on t.v., other times I will see  the same subject pop up in different places in my life, and they seem to scream talk about me! Those are the ones I like the best.

Tonight it is the subject of being normal…

I don’t know why we are, as a society, so hung up on that. When did “normal” become such a big deal?

Personally, I’ve never been overly concerned about it. I remember when my kids were young, I was never the “normal” mom. I did goofy things all the time, sometimes embarrassing them, but I always reminded them how boring it would be to have a “normal” mom. Now, my daughter does and says exactly the same thing to her kids, and admits that under it all, she enjoyed having a bit of an off-beat mom.

I’m so glad!

In the last day or two I’ve seen two signs that just cracked me up and reminded me yet again how much I don’t care about being normal.

I mean seriously… it’s really hard to pretend to be someone you’re not. I just don’t have the energy, even if I WANTED to try and pull it off.

But then this is the one that made me feel good that I’m not.

Is that not the coolest thing!? Not only is it exhausting to pretend like you’re normal, “BEING” normal shows a lack of courage! I LOVE it!

So my advice is, if you’re feeling like you’re not normal, embrace it. It is way more fun!

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  1. Love it! I hate when my “normal”life gets in the way!

  2. Wow, I wrote about returning to a “NORMAL” life on my blog today. Really though, what is normal?

  3. Great post, Janet, I say we all fly our freak flags high and proud! I just don’t DO normal very well. Just curious, if none of us are normal, and we start a group celebrating our strangeness, doesn’t it then mean that being odd is NORMAL in our group? ;-D BTW, I love the movie Practical Magic, and “oddly” enough, I just ordered it online yesterday! What a coincidence…

  4. Janet, this is a topic of incredible interest to me of late. What is “normal” and how the word “normal” be used properly in our current culture. Interestingly, in the field of cardiology, which was my specialty years ago, there actually was a category for heart rhythms on the EKG that were “normally abnormal”!(Normal would be “Chick Boom”, abnormally normal would be “Boom Chick-a Boom” but it would be “regular” as in repeating itself over and over. Thus, normally abnormal. “Aberrant behavior” would be a “Boom Chick, then a chick-a-chicka, chick, boom, chick, boom, boom, boom” Ha!
    But in the field of psychology, especially the part dealing with Dysfunctional Families, the word “Normal” has really been mis-used. I think the word “normal” works via Webster for things like “weather patterns” in certain geographic areas. It works for “body temperature measurements”. Things you can actually measure and compare. I do not believe, from my professional background that “normal” is a word that should be used to describe any level of personal behavior. “Common” is probably more what people should use than “normal”. Just because a lot of people do things a certain way, does not make it “normal”. Get me??? For example, a close family member of mine tells me that “Lots of people have dysfunctional families, so this is “normal”, quit making excuses about the pain in your life, etc.” Well, just because someone is “used to something” and it is “common” it does Not Make It Normal. In fact, in a textbook I just read on the subject, they say that the problem people have from dysfunctional upbringing is having an “abnormally high tolerance for inappropriate behavior”. I.E., they don’t know what “normal” is, and accept “abnormal” as their realilty.
    Which is not to suggest anything about your post to be any kind of problem, abnormal, etc. The point I am trying to make is that the word “normal” is really a problem.
    And yes, I Love being the Abnormal Aberrant model of a Mom. It makes your kids think outside the box (me, telling them, What Box? I never lived in one….don’t need to “get out”! HaHaHa!) So, probably some people will label me as “abnormal” but really, I follow a pattern that is “normally abnormal”. Not too hard to figure out….Have a wonderfully normally abnormal day!


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