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I Was Kind To Me Today

After several days of being on an emotional roller coaster and being a little rough on myself (and given that I was, for the most part, by myself most of the day) I decided it would be a good day to be kind to me.

I set the bar low, didn’t expect a whole lot of myself. I puttered a bit here and there, spent a little time in the studio finishing up a project, cleaned up a little…to be honest, I’m not sure where the day went. But the thing I liked the best was that I didn’t say a mean thing to myself all day. I didn’t look in the mirror and tell myself how fat and ugly I am. I didn’t look at clutter and ask myself why I’m such a pig. And I didn’t think of all the different ways I disappoint myself, or blame myself for anything.

I was just kind. The way I would be with anyone else.

I reminded myself that my weight is going down. Slowly, but it’s headed in the right direction. I noticed that my piles have gotten smaller, and that the laundry was caught up. I congratulated myself for taking the trash out BEFORE the garbage truck arrived. I told myself what a good job I did for washing each dish or cup as I used it instead of leaving it on the counter and for feeding the birds before they were out of food. I paid attention to the fact that my back doesn’t hurt quite as much as it has been and gave myself kudos for doing my stretching exercises.

There was no big momentous thing that happened, but still it was a good day. I think I’ll be kind to me more often.

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. It must be ‘kind to thyself week’ and I didn’t know it. I realize that I am doing a lot of this myself these days and it feels so much better than beating myself up for all that I may not have time to do. Giving ourselves a bit of slack sure feels good.

  2. Food for thought, Janet. Your words made me think about how harsh I am with myself. I would never be so critical with anyone else. You ARE NOT fat and ugly, by the way! Thanks for keeping it real.

  3. I LOVE your post Janet!! I am happy you were so kind to yourself….and its in the small spaces created by this kindness that greatness in life begins to shine!

  4. Janet- that does sound like a good day. I like that you set these kind intentions…I bet I don’t even realize the internal self-talk I impose upon myself each day. Today I will more mindful of being kind to myself…I too already woke up and got down on myself for my disorganized house…I need to stop that and just deal with it instead of judging myself. Thanks for the sweet and peaceful-feeling post!


    • You are welcome, Jill. I have no control over how others treat me. I DO have control over how I treat me. I’m glad you were inspired to try it for yourself.


  5. *I was just kind. The way I would be with anyone else.* ~ THAT’S IT – -Happy sumMEr!!!!! xo

  6. I agree with Renee, that is the sentence that really resonated with me, Janet. I will try to be at least as kind to myself as I would be to someone else…Wow, I just never thought of that before…Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Very resonating post; thanks for those reminders, Janet!


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